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Miscarriage/pregnancy loss

Have I started miscarrying?

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Mij · 13/11/2008 19:39

Am pg 5+5. Just had a bit of bright red blood on loo roll - two wipes worth. After I'd put DD to bed, so I guess 30 minutes later, there isn't any more.

I have absolutely no idea what an early miscarriage looks or feels like. Please be honest with me - do I need to brace myself for a loss, or what? See the doc tomorrow if there isn't any more blood tonight? Anything else?

Sorry to post something like this where others are grieving, but just didn't know where else to put it. Warmest wishes to everyone.

OP posts:
sleepycatonabroomstick · 13/11/2008 19:41

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

belgo · 13/11/2008 19:42

It's hard to say. Some women bleed during pregnancy, other women will go on to miscarry. Go to your doctor tmorrow. Your GP should take your blood to test your horpone levels.

belgo · 13/11/2008 19:43

forget to say, good luck, hope it's not bad news.

Mij · 13/11/2008 19:45

No idea if it means anything but had slightly stronger pg symptoms today - prickly boobs, slightly more nausea. Thanks for responses so far.

OP posts:
cmotdibbler · 13/11/2008 19:46

It's honestly very hard to know what will happen now - lots of women bleed, and go onto have perfectly normal pregnancies, but many who bleed will go onto miscarry.

If theres no more bleeding, then tbh, most doctors won't do anything, and its too early for a reliable scan (needs to be at least 6 weeks, pref 7 to see a heartbeat).

If the bleed continues, again, a mc isn't inevitable, but go to your GP.

Hope for the best, prepare for the worst, is about all you can do right now I'm afraid.

Best wishes

madrush · 13/11/2008 19:49

I agree sometimes a bleed can be nothing and something it's worse news.

Rest up tonight and see how you are in the morning. Apparently resting doesn't make any difference to what will happen, but makes you feel like you did the right thing.

Take care and hope it's not bad news for you.

Mij · 13/11/2008 19:56

Thanks everyone. It took me aback because I had no bleeding with DD, but I know every pregnancy is different. DP is cooking tea (and worrying of course) but I'm sure will confine me to the sofa tonight. Have just had a quick read of the Miscarriage Association website too, and seems all is as you say (of course MNetters know all ) could so something, could be nothing, but will talk to GP and ask for a scan at 8 weeks or so if nothing else happens, just to make sure.

OP posts:
Sabs1981 · 13/11/2008 20:05

Let us know how you get on Mij....

Mij · 14/11/2008 07:57

Well, a few pinky-brown bits overnight but nothing more. Feel a little sick this morning, but don't feel quite so, well, full as I did, which could be something as stupid as wearing a different pair of trousers of course, and as I'm really not sure that an awful lot of uterus growing would have happened by 5.5wks is probably just in my head. But who knows.

Will still probably request an early scan, but not sure it's worth going to the doc right now. Do GPs do blood work to check hormones in the UK? I know from pregnancy sites I was on with DD, that much more of that goes on in the US than the UK.

OP posts:
barbie1 · 14/11/2008 08:08

hi sorry you are going through this, yes doctors will do blood test but most will wait and refer you for an early scan but you will still have to wait a few weeks for this, the most realible one will be from 7 to 8 weeks...You could just have implantation bleeding, good luck xxx

giraffescantdancethetango · 14/11/2008 09:43

hope all is ok

Mij · 14/11/2008 15:37

Still no more signs. Feeling more nauseous today and prickly boobs, so hoping for the best. Waiting for practice nurse to call me, but cos I couldn't get through until now, called NHS direct this morning, just to get a view, and they reckoned that with such minor symptoms a GP wouldn't even recommend an early scan.

Thanks for backup and sympathy. Feeling slightly daft that may have been majorly overreacting but having never experienced any kind of bleed I just immediately thought the worse. And cos I'm a little old, and not in the best reproductive shape, also makes me pessimistic. Ho hum. Just have to wait and see I suppose.

OP posts:
cali · 14/11/2008 15:49

hope you are ok,

was like you too, never had any bleeding with dd1 but bled the day after BFP with dd2, it stopped after a few days and was never very much.
Started again a few weeks later and carried on until 12 weeks, got scanned at 10 & 12 weeks and everything was fine.
was told 1st bleed would have been an implantation bleed, but never got any explanation for later bleeds, said it was just one of these things and that a lot of women do bleed throughout pregnancy.

It's hard when you don't experience it 1st time round as you don't expect it and just think the worst.

take care of yourself and try and rest as much as possible!!!

silvermum · 14/11/2008 16:07

poor you. why does it always happen at weekends? i just wanted to warn you that getting an early scan very much depends on your health trust. Mine, in central London, are very mean, and wouldn't offer me one, though i have a history of miscarriage. i paid to go private earlier this week, and found out i've miscarried again. generally the gps i've encountered have been very dismissive of early miscarriages, the attitude being that it's no big deal. good luck.

Mij · 14/11/2008 16:58

Thanks again all. Have just spoken to practice nurse, who was helpful but honest - NHS trust unlikely to provide an early scan unless suspected ectopic pg. At least I know, so will go private if necessary [starts to hunt for coins under sofa cushions].

It's a bit shit though, although I understand the pressure on ultrasound services (and I know in our area that a newish facility designed for 5000 pregnancies a year is already facing 9000 a year it's traumatic to know you have to wait so any weeks to have a mc confirmed or not

Sorry to hear of your experience silvermum. A loss is a loss, however early and GPs should know better.

OP posts:
Curlywurlee · 14/11/2008 22:04

Hi Mij. Where do you live? You can get scans in a few london hospitals and it costs less that you might think. I got mine for £75. If you can hold out till 8 weeks I think you can get an external scan (nicer )

Unfortunately I had a MMC so don't know much about bleeding but I think spotting is reasonably common around week 5 - something to do with implantation

Please keep us posted, good news or bad. (It gives us all hope when it turns out to be good news for someone )

Mij · 14/11/2008 22:20

Hi, I'm oop north, but I know there are private clinics that do 4D scans around here, so I'm assuming they do regular ultrasound too.

Someone else mentioned implantation - but I thought that happened about 10 days after conception. Have I got that wrong..?

OP posts:
Liney15 · 14/11/2008 22:27

Hi Mij

I had some bleeding at 6 weeks - on a Sat - phoned NHS direct and they told me to go to A&E. The following Monday I had a scan at the Early Pregnancy Unit at Barnsley General who were very good - the scan didn't show a lot and I had to go back for another scan 2 weeks later.

Hope things are ok for you.

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