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Miscarriage/pregnancy loss

no help at hospital

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Hattie05 · 03/11/2008 19:40

How do i decide if i'm ok, or if i should force my way back into A&E?

I found out i was pregnant last week, i could have been between 5 - 7 weeks pregnant (wasn't ttc so had no idea of last period).

The next day i started spotting, i rang around local epunits, they said no need to come in unless extreme pain or lots of blood.
The next day the bleeding got heavier and i felt a large clot pass, so gathered i was miscarrying and went to a&e to get checked out.

The hospital pg test came up negative, so they said they couldn't refer me for scan or anything. They told me to go home, and do another shop bought test in the morning, which i did and it was positive so i took it back to the hospital with me. The nurse did one of their tests on me which again came negative, so i spoke to a really patronising GP who told me i was having a period and to go home. I argued with him to refer me for a scan. He sent me into a waiting room where a gynaecologist then called me in, gave me the worst internal of my life, took my blood and sent me home saying she would ring with the results.

She rang later that day to say the blood tests were negative and that i must be having my period. She gave no feedback about the internal, and whether my cervix was open or not. And on reflection i wish i'd asked, but i wasn't thinking straight.

I then took my fourth shop bought test which for the first time came up negative - which i can understand as by this time i was 3 days into heavy bleeding.

But i know i was pregnant - i have 2 children and just knew i was pregnant for a couple of weeks before i took the first test.

Today (7 days later) the bleeding has stopped, but i have the most agonising back pain, and have felt ligament type stretching in my stomach. I'm scared that there maybe something wrong. But i know its no hope going back to A&E.

If i have had neg blood tests, does this mean all should have left body naturally?

OP posts:
Habbibu · 03/11/2008 19:47

Oh, poor you - how crap is that? I don't know what to advise, tbh - do you know of a sympathetic GP you might be able to talk this over with? All doctors I've spoken to say that shop tests are very accurate, so I'm surprised the hosp questioned your results. I'm so sorry you've had such a rotten time, and hope someone comes along with better advice soon.

lisamaguire · 03/11/2008 20:01

Oh i know how you feel, u sound like me worst experience ever in the hospital, they dont seem to realise u have feelings

Sorry for your loss i know how ur feeling xxx

Hattie05 · 03/11/2008 20:06

Thank you you two. Habbibu - unfortunately no theres just one male gp at my surgery and hes rubbish.

I just feel so patronised that i do not want to go back to any hospitals - i would just like some feedback from others whether this sounds like a 'healthy' miscarriage or whether i could be having complications that need checking. But if i've not even been identified as pregnant, noone is going to listen.

lisamaguire, i rarely hear anything good about hospitals. Noone even asked if i'd wanted the pregnancy - not an ounce of sympathy.

OP posts:
lisamaguire · 03/11/2008 20:10

I think you should go to hospital if your gut feeling is telling u somethings wrong but i understand ur reservations about going. xxxx

justbeme · 03/11/2008 20:30

Im sorry for what you've been through, Im having a miscarriage at the moment and was told today by my EPU to do a home test on friday and to call them if its positive as that means there would still be tissue there. If its negative all should be ok. Hope that helps.
Good luck.

Hattie05 · 03/11/2008 20:36

Hi justbeme, sorry to hear that you too are going through it.

So if your test is negative do they not want to see you?

OP posts:
justbeme · 03/11/2008 21:33

I will be seen again hattie, as this is my 6th Mc. With this pg I started injecting Clexane daily as soon as I knew I was pg. However out of all 6, this is the earliest ever that i have mc. (about 5+ weeks).
Is this your 1st Mc?

Hattie05 · 03/11/2008 22:33

Yes it is my first, I'm so sorry to hear that you've been through this 6 times! Take care xx

OP posts:
PTA · 03/11/2008 22:55

Do you have a Family Planning centre or sexual health centre nearby? They may be more helpful than A&E.

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