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Miscarriage/pregnancy loss

Repeated miscarriage - what next?

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funtimewincies · 25/10/2008 20:20

I've got an appointment next week at EPAU for a pg test and checkup after beginning to miscarry on Thursday at 6 weeks.

I've had an ectopic, then my ds (but lost his twin), then a mmc (prob. blighted ovum, found at my 12 week scan), and now 2 early mcs (5 and 6 weeks).

Can anything be done to try and get to the bottom of it? The appoinment seems a good time to try and get things moving if there is.

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barbie1 · 25/10/2008 20:23

funtime sorry for your post....there is a thread called emmsys angels a few posters have had the same, maybe check out the thread??

chubbasmum · 26/10/2008 00:36

Hi Funtime there are tests that can be carried out to find out the cause of the miscarriages it also depends on your hospital protocols where mine in WEST SUSSEX after 2 miscarriages thats when they start testing you. this is talking from experience after my miscarriages i was heart broken and unconsolable on a lighter note i was eventually blessed with a baby boy (7 months) ask your GP or midwife she should know good luck

chubbasmum · 26/10/2008 00:39

When i said midwife i didnt mean to be insensitive but he/she will definately know or even put you through to an obs and gynae consultant frankly speaking via GP will seem like forever

funtimewincies · 26/10/2008 19:33

Thanks, that's what I'm hoping chubbasmum, that I won't have to go back to my GP, pg/fertility isn't her area. She's a bit of a 'but you've got a child, what's the fuss, miscarriages are very common you know' sort of GP and the wait to see the other one is ludicrous.

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