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Incomplete miscarriage

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Minxiemoo22 · 25/10/2008 11:52

Hi all, I started miscarrying Friday 3rd October after a scan showed baby had no heart beat. I was meant to be 8 weeks but baby measured just under 7 weeks. I bled heavily the week following and went for another scan, which showed the pregnancy sac was still there. I was offered D&C but really want to avoid it so have been left to see if I pass it on my own for two weeks. I have a further scan this Tuesday coming up, and apart from passing a couple of clots, nothing else has really happened in these two weeks. Bleeding has stopped now but I have now got a lower tummy ache. It's not period pain but a dull ache. Part of me wonders if this is the remaining pregnancy sac causing the ache, or whether it's just the end of the miscarriage. It's not a bad pain, just niggling. I'm really nervous about scan and wondered if anyone has has this sort of stomach ache, and under what circumstances. Thanks x

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ellaeleven · 25/10/2008 14:43

Hi Minxiemoo I'm in the same position. I went for a scan yesterday after bleeding for a week and a half and expected to be given the all clear but no the uterus is still full of blood with a huge clot floating in there ( so sorry for tmi). I also want to avoid D&C and have another scan booked for 2 weeks time. They said the cervix was a little open, did they tell you this, and there's a chance things should move quite quickly once it is. I was so frustrated this morning that I started exercising in the belief that gravity might work and sure enough have been passing what I presume was seen in the scan yesterday. I have also had that dull ache coming and going over the past week. I'm sure the doctors would'nt advise exercise at this time but maybe go for a gentle walk. I'm so sorry you're in this situation and understand the need to get it over with as quickly and naturally as possible. I think only then can we begin to deal with the emotional aspect of it all. Hope you get the all clear at the next scan and start to feel better. Take care XX
p.s. if your cervix is still closed I've read on previous postings on this board that rasberry leaf tea can help. X

BBBeeast · 25/10/2008 14:47

i had to have a D&C under similar circumstances and it was okay. I hope you avoid it but don't worry.

how horribly sad for you. I hope you are being well cared for.


maximum4 · 26/10/2008 00:02

I am so sorry for you both. My experience of ERPC/D&C was ok - obviously it's better to avoid surgery if you don't need it. But having had 5 miscarriages - all between 6 and 11+ weeks, I recovered quicker physically and emotionally after the 2 that I had the ERPC - I am not sure why, but for me it definately meant the end, and the bleeding then stopped within a few days, but, with the others it just seemed to drag on and I felt so low - not sure if due to hormones etc...
I hope it all gets sorted out for you soon. On a positive note I went on to have 4 healthy babies!
Good luck and try to stay positive. It will be tough in the weeks ahead.

BBBeeast · 26/10/2008 07:35

oh yes - should say after mine went on to have beautiful daughter within the year.

Minxiemoo22 · 26/10/2008 19:03

Thanks for all your comments. I had to go to A&E this morning as ache in my tum got quite bad. Was told I probably have an infection but as I don't have a temperature, they think I've caught it early. I have a scan booked for tomorrow (brought forward from Tuesday) and I'm so nervous.
Elleeleven, I was never told if my cervix was open or not! My bleeding has completely stopped though so I would assume it's shut. Thanks for your kind message though. I'm sorry you are having to go through this too. It's just so horrible and unfair isn't it, when other people fall pregnant by mistake and don't even wants babies, but their pregnancies always go without a hitch. Let me know how you get on.. I hope your scan is clear in two weeks too. Thanks for the other messages too. Maximum, I can understand about how leaving it naturally can be worse emotionally. I've had a hard time of it and my hubby said earlier that it would have all be over with if I had the D&C a couple of weeks ago. I imagine your hormones return to normal quicker with everyone gone in one go. I'm such a wuss though I just want to avoid it at all costs. I suppose tomorrow will be judgement day.
It's good to hear people go on to have healthy babes after this horrible experience. I too have got a son who's 15-months, and I count my lucky stars for him every day. I've had 2 miscarriages out of three so bit worried it'll happen again (as everyone is I suppose). Best wishes everyone. xxx

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