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Miscarriage/pregnancy loss

Normal AF then BFP. What does this mean??

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LovelyMonster · 15/10/2008 17:38

I had BFN Sat right before AF arrived the day it was due. AF was as normal. Today noticed boobs still really tender so did test and got faint (but definatly there) BFP. Does that mean my AF was past of chemical pregnancy? If so how long does HCG hang around???? ANy advice welcome!!!!!

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rubles · 15/10/2008 17:49

If it was a chemical pregnancy I would have thought the +ve would go pretty much immediately. I am basing that only on my experience, so maybe people vary, but I would have thought the HcG would have been at such a low level it would not take long for it to go back down.

I hope it means good things for you.

LovelyMonster · 15/10/2008 17:54

thanks rubles. Just a bit of a suprise really. Been TTC for 18mths. If it was CP then I am thinking at least the swimmers can get there!

Can women really have such bleeding when pg?

OP posts:
VeryKeenForABean · 15/10/2008 22:27

Hi LovelyMonster,

Congratulations on your BFP - lots of people do continue to get bleeds and bleeding early pregnancy is very common. However, and with no wish to upset you, I do think you should see your GP/Early Pregnancy Unit to ensure all is well and maybe have your bloods taken to check your exact levels of HCG etc. really hope this is the start of something good for you x

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