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Miscarriage/pregnancy loss

why has it happen again???

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harmony802005 · 03/10/2008 15:47

hi there
Sorry to burden you ladies i just need help really to understand why i have m/c again this is now my 4th m/c but this time i was on hcg injections to stop me m/c but thay didnt work i was just 7 weeks,it was only on wens the 1st of oct i was admitted to hospital on the sunday as started to bleed and then on wensday it happen i am likley to have a d and c next week as i am very heavy and in alot of pain,i just dont understand why it has happen again i done everything so right just like last time is there a possiblity that i cant carry cause of a problem with my womb i also have endometisos and pcos i just feel so so numb and i cant pull my self out of how i feel sorry to go on i just need some help love harm xx

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kizzie · 03/10/2008 15:52

Im really sorry I dont have any 'proper' advice but just noticed this and didnt want to not leave a message. There are lots of ladies on this thread who have been through similar to you and im sure they will offer you lots of advice. Im so so sorry you are having to go through this. Its such a cruel and difficult thing. Im sure someone will be along soon who can offer you some advice but take care of yourself. x

kizzie · 03/10/2008 15:54

Just to add - i dont know how to do links but there is a very supportive thread called 'emmsys angels xxx support for mummies of lost angels xxx' - its a few down from this one. If you look in there you will find a lot of ladies posting who are in a similar position. Hope that helps x

VickyJane77 · 03/10/2008 16:06

Hi harmony. I don't have any answers for you,and I feel so sorry for you, it's just crap isn't it. I just wanted to send you some hugs. {{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}

harmony802005 · 03/10/2008 16:18

hi there kizzie where abouts is the site hun?
I have been trying to do some reserch and found that i cld have abnormalitites with my immune system and also with the womb and something called anti phosphlipid syndrome which leads to 75-90 percent m/c,i really feel i need to get to the bottom of this my heart is just breaking so so much wish my angel was here with me xxx

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mm1509 · 03/10/2008 17:20

Hi harmony so sorry for what has happened but as kizzie says come join us on emmsys angels we have a thread going on the miscarriage section. All of us have also had mcs and some of us recurrent like yourself I have just had my 3rd. The support on there has helped me so much so feel free to join us when you are ready. Take care xx

neolara · 03/10/2008 17:30

I'm sorry. It's totally crap, isn't it. I've also just had my fourth mc.

Have you read the book "Miscarriage - what every woman should know" by Prof Lesley Regan. It's really good on explaining what might be causing your miscarriage and what can be done to help. However, the book hasn't got the latest info about how PCOS related miscarriage is now being treated by lots of doctors. (At least my edition didn't.)

harmony802005 · 03/10/2008 17:45

no i havent read that hun i also have pcos and endometisos hun i might have a look to see if its online i know that my bubs is having test done and also i will be having some test done as well,have u had any test neolara as u have had 4 m/c hun x

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