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mc's and immune issues, what treatments have you tried?

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sue10 · 28/09/2008 19:46

Sadly after several mc's and a mmc i am soon to start again trying a new tx programme of the following:
progesterone, prednisolone, heparin injections and aspirin. Iam nervous about the injections but excited to that this could be the answer (god i hope so as i dont know how many more mc's my body and mind could cope with!!!)

Have any of you ladies tried these tx, any experiences etc...?
This has got to work as we can not afford any more tx or ivig ir humira, fingers crossed!!!!
Thanks for any advice or info. Takecare everybody.

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sadminster · 28/09/2008 19:54

This is exactly what I'm doing - 20mg/day prednisolone, 20mg/day clexane (that's on the low end of the therapeutic does but I had a previous abruption so am not happy to taka a higher dose) 150mg/day aspirin, have previously used progesterone.

I've had two live births - one unemdicated (8 years ago) & one with the steroid protocol and 6 miscarriages (between 5 & 17 weeks, didn't use steroid in any of the pregnancies although I did use aspirin & heparin). Have had all the testing including NK cells & they can't find anything wrong with me or the babies.

sue10 · 28/09/2008 20:12

Hi SM,
thanks for replying,
is there a difference between clexane and fragmin, i will be taking fragmin 5,000 units i think, as for the progesterone 400mg daily but not quite sure as yet when im suppose to start them. The steroids are suppose to make you hungry and get a round face but it will be worth it (i hope)!!!I saw Mr Shehata at Epsom, nice man but appointment very quick and did'nt get to ask all my questions! Did you get a nurse at local dr's to show you how to inject? How wonderful having 2dc, very sorry for your losses, it's so hard is'nt it!

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