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no faetal heartbeat, can they get it wrong

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PINKCLAIRE126 · 25/09/2008 17:56

I am 10 weeks pregnant and had a scan yesterday where they told me i had had a mised misscarriage as there was no faetal heartbeat. I have been asked to go back in a weeks time for another scan so they can confirm. What are the chances they got this wrong and there will be a heartbeat?

OP posts:
JuneBugJen · 25/09/2008 18:00

Can't help with this, but so sorry for you and the stress you must be going through. Please keep posted as to how you are.

monkeybumsmum · 25/09/2008 18:01

Hi PinkClaire. So sorry to hear that you're going through this. I'm no expert, but unless your dates are wrong then there should be a visible heartbeat at ten weeks. Is there any chance your dates could be out?

JuneBugJen · 25/09/2008 18:01

Can't help with this, but so sorry for you and the stress you must be going through. Please keep posted as to how you are.

AnAngelWithin · 25/09/2008 18:02

my midwofe always told me there was no garuntee of hearing the heartbeat at 10 weeks. its too early. ask for a scan tomorrow!

AnAngelWithin · 25/09/2008 18:03

MIDWIFE even. sorry.

AnAngelWithin · 25/09/2008 18:03

oh bugger sorry i read it wrong

lulumama · 25/09/2008 18:05

i thikn at this stage it would be very difficult to make a mistake re the heartbeat. in earlier scans, it can be difficult to ascertain before aroudn 7 + weeks, but at 10 weeks, it is usually accurate. i would prepare for the fact you have lost this baby.. did they tell you if the baby was measuring smaller than expected? that can also confirm a missed miscarriage.

Pushpinia · 25/09/2008 18:08

I'm so seems very unfair that you have to wait a week. You must be so worried x

PINKCLAIRE126 · 25/09/2008 18:08

Thanks everyone for getting back to me so quickly, ive got a rescan on Monday. I not holding out much hope but i'll keep you all posted and let you know how this one goes.

OP posts:
PINKCLAIRE126 · 25/09/2008 18:13

They did say the baby was measuring only 6 weeks and 3 days. I'm not entirely sure if my dates were corect. The date of my last period was 16th July. I did a preganacy test on the 20th of August and it was positive. They go from the first day of your last period so that works out to be 10 weeks. I guess i have to accept the fact that i have had a MMC and i need to work out what to do next. I havnt started to bleed yet so i need to decide whether i want to wait for nature to take its course or be mediaclly managed.

OP posts:
lulumama · 25/09/2008 18:15

i think all things being equal, you have most likely had a MMC. i am really sorry, and i hope that you are treated sensitively and appropriately.

Liney15 · 25/09/2008 20:47

Hi - I went through this a month ago when I had a checkup scan after bleeding in early pregnancy and found that it was a mmc. I also had to go back for a confirmation scan after a scan a 8 weeks and it was a truely terrible week. I really know what stress you must be going through right now.

I really really hope that this isn't a miscariage and just the wrong dates.

If it is a mmc though, give the miscarriage association a call on 01924 200799 Mon-Fri 9am - 4pm, so you know what to expect with all the options you have. After going through the medical management option myself I really wished I'd found out more before it happened so I knew what to expect. None of the options are good - they are all really difficult.

PINKCLAIRE126 · 29/09/2008 07:38

thank you all for your mesags. I am waiting to leave to go to the hospital this morning to go for a 2nd scan. I havnt started bleeding yet but i know deep down this is a MMC just waiting to happen.

I will message again when i get back and let you all know how i have got on.

Thank you for your support, you are all so special for being there as it must be so hard having to remember your own experiences.

Thanks again

OP posts:
mumoverseas · 30/09/2008 13:40

hi pinkclaire, how did you get on? Have had fingers crossed for you x

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