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Miscarriage/pregnancy loss

How long after your early MC did AF come back?

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GordonTheGopher · 24/09/2008 12:59

Did you have a normal cycle i.e. 4 weeks after MC or does it take longer? I MC at 5 weeks so I'm hoping to be back to normal soon. Is it possible to ovulate before next AF?

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Kittywake · 24/09/2008 13:36

Mine came 6 weeks after MC. No experience but have heard it's possible to conceive again before AF but advisable for your body to wait and have at least 1 cycle.

sadminster · 24/09/2008 13:55

pretty much 6 weeks with all my losses regardless of gestation (5-17 weeks).

GordonTheGopher · 24/09/2008 14:03

Thanks - don't really want to conceive this cycle - my head's not ready let alone my body.

OP posts:
sarah76 · 26/09/2008 10:15

Gordon I've gone exactly the opposite, I really want to get pregnant immediately, even though I know it's probably not the best idea. Doubt it will happen anyway, took a year with current DP (which ended in MC at 7 weeks) and had tried 1.5 years with XH.

I've started temping again....well I never really stopped. Three years of taking your temp every day makes it a pretty hard habit to break. Hoping it will show I ovulate this cycle. When I don't ovulate, I've gone as long as 116 days without AF, but that's due to PCOS (so ladies without, don't get scared!).

Will come back to this thread and report if I do O in this cycle. Should be within the next 2-3 weeks if I'm going to at all.

ellsbellzie · 28/09/2008 18:25

Hi Ive just had a miscarriage 2 and half weeks ago which originally they said was ectopic. I too really want to get pregnant again immediately through been advised to wait till my next cycle , im really struggling to stop myself from using my ovulation sticks, im thinking as it was 2 and half weeks since I bled maybe I am ovulating now, but I think thats just hoping, I dont really know when you ovulate after a miscarriage, is it in the a few weeks after?? I think it is wise to just wait a until my next cycle, but im so impatient!! Has anyone got any advice, or has anyone conceived before their next cylce ??

Ilovebeingamummy · 28/09/2008 20:23


I started to miscarry on friday at 5+2. I also want to get pregnant straight away - I have 2 friends who conceived 2 weeks after early mc and had healthy dd's. I have read though that without af in between another mc is more likely to happen.

Don;t know if that helps - i am a bit of a mess right now x

mawbroon · 28/09/2008 20:34

Hi gordon. sorry to hear about your miscarriage.

I mc in January at around 5.5 weeks. I just counted the bleeding as day 1 of a new cycle and I ovulated at around day 29 and got my AF at day 38 or so IIRC. (Normally have 27-29 day cycle)

You may well ovulate before you have your next AF, so def poss to get pregnant. The EPU here advised me to wait until I had completed one cycle before trying again, but their reasoning for that was that it makes it easier to date the subsequent pregnancy.

But I see you are not wanting to try this cycle, so I wish you good luck when you are ready to try again.

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