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Everyone else is pregnant and I want to hide from the world! Help!

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wook · 23/09/2008 21:22

Hi just got an email to say that the last person in a baby group I have known for years (since ds was born) is now pregnant with their second child and due in March (as I was) I literally can't face seeing them anymore, they are all pregnant, and their babies are all younger than mine by up to a year, not that this matters much I suppose, I think it could tip me over the edge being around everybody pregnant at once so I sent an email to one of them saying that I couldn't see them for a while. I know this will not look good and go down badly and I have surely now lost their friendship for good (I am the only one who works f/t anyway, so haven't really been part of things for a while) I shouldn't really have said anything at all but I suppose I just wanted to explain why I was crying off events and meetings that I could make, e.g. in the evenings and school holidays. When will these shitty feelings leave me? I am SO genuinely happy for all of them but feel so crap myself. How can I feel better and stop being such a crap friend? Please help/advise, please!!

OP posts:
fryalot · 23/09/2008 21:25

oh you poor thing!
you are not being a crap friend at all. I am sure that if one of your friends needed you, you would be there like a shot.

I am also sure that if they know what has happened, then they will all understand completely and only want to help you.

As to when these feelings will end... I don't know, you are grieving for your lost child and there is no rule book telling you how to feel and how long for.

You need to stop worrying about what other people will think and concentrate on getting yourself through this.


TheBlonde · 23/09/2008 21:26

you are not being a crap friend
there is nothing wrong with taking a break from seeing people if you don't feel up to it

Aitch · 23/09/2008 21:35

i am 100% certain that if those women are good people worth knowing then they will completely understand your desire to take a step back for now. i'm sorry to hear that you lost your wee baby, it's terribly upsetting, i know.

GordonTheGopher · 24/09/2008 12:58

Wook come and join my thread here and vent all you like!

slightlycrumpled · 24/09/2008 14:04

Oh you poor thing. I have to hide the ante-natal threads on here now. I just can't stand that there are two I should have been on this year!

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