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Miscarriage/pregnancy loss

Is this normal?

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slightlycrumpled · 22/09/2008 13:19

Hi, over the weekend I had a miscarriage at nearly six weeks, so very early.

I had a scan yesterday to confirm what I already knew as had been bleeding since Friday. The scan report states a complete miscarriage and the bleeding had settled to a heavy period.

This morning I was walking around supermarket when I had to dash to the toilet as I felt the bleeding had intensified. When I got there I passed a clot the size of a plum. It was black and also a big gush of blood. (I'm really sorry, know this is a bit tmi!)

I just wanted to know if this is normal as the pregnancy was so early and I thought I had passed everything with it being a complete miscarriage.

Hope this makes sense, (typing not great today just feel so bone tired.)

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slightlycrumpled · 22/09/2008 14:29


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Habbibu · 22/09/2008 14:33

So sorry for your loss, and for what must have been a traumatic experience. I think you should phone your EPU straight away, just to get proper reassurance, and to inform them of what's happened. Keep us posted on how you're doing, and be very gentle on yourself.

slightlycrumpled · 22/09/2008 14:51

Thanks habbibu Have just phoned the ward I was on over the weekend and the staff nurse confirmed that it is probably normal but to go back if in any pain.

I'm not in any real pain just tired and a little emotional. I guess I just thought the worst was over.

DS2 off school this afternoon with an ear infection, so curled up on sofa watching cbeebies!

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keevamum · 22/09/2008 14:59

I think you can now rest easy that the worst is over. Sounds very like what happened in both my early miscarriages....just take it easy now. Lots of curling on the sofa with mindless tv and books and lots of cuddles from your children and partner. It will get easier but you never forget. x

Habbibu · 22/09/2008 15:01

Take it easy, and don't be afraid to phone the hospital at any time if you're worried - there will always be someone on duty. You poor love, though - it's really not what you needed after having thought you'd drawn a line under the physical part. I don't know if you've miscarried before, but the emotional wounds take time to heal, and it can be an up and down ride. Cuddling up and watching cbeebies sounds like an ideal prescription.

slightlycrumpled · 22/09/2008 15:28

keevamum and habbibu thank you.

I hope that is the worst of it over now as I dread going to the loo!

It is my first miscarriage and I'm surprised at just how low I feel tbh. I can rationalise it in my head but my heart well....

As you've both said it takes time but thank you so much for replying to me this afternoon.

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Habbibu · 22/09/2008 15:32

You're most welcome. Post again if you're feeling sad or worried or just need to talk.

Cadmum · 22/09/2008 16:21

I am currently in a similar situation (miscarrying at 8 weeks) and I have been shocked by the size and frequency of the blood clots.

Sadly, I do think that it is normal but keep an eye on it and don't hesitate to call someone again.

How do you feel physically now? (I ask because I am rather dizzy and have a rip-stonking headache so may need iron before the week is out.) Watch the tiredness.

I am really sorry that you are going through this. Thank heavens for MN.

slightlycrumpled · 22/09/2008 16:41

OH cadmum poor you, it really is awful isn't it.

Physically I guess I don't feel too bad, I'm not in any real pain, but I do feel quite light headed and just so tired I can barely function. DH is on his way home soon to take over with the boys.

I'm just so sorry for your loss as well and hope you are feeling better soon. I think you summed up how I felt earlier on, I was totally shocked at the size of the clot, (had passed smaller but significant ones on Saturday) particularly as I was in a public toilet, I shook all the way home abandoning my shopping in the aisle. Beans on toast for tea in this house tonight!

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TheUNITUBER · 22/09/2008 16:47

I think a lot of the tiredness is hormonal. For me the few days when my HCG dropped down to zero were very difficult. It made me very emotional and weary.
I hope you're both feeling better soon.

sarah76 · 24/09/2008 11:30

Slightlycrumpled, I miscarried at 7 weeks at the EPU and was told everything had gone, but about 5-6 days after I passed another giant clot that I called 'the miniature piece of liver'. Along with that there were other clots of varying proportions, definitely bigger than with a normal period, so I wound up being surprised and upset a lot when going to the toilet. Sounds like what you are experiencing is normal, at least from the standpoint that I'm getting the same thing!

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