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Miscarriage/pregnancy loss

Going for scan today, think it's all over, bleeding heavily.

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Sushipaws · 14/09/2008 09:32

This is my third pregnancy, first misscarried, second produced my beautiful daughter and am now about 8 weeks pregnant.

I started bleeding heavily yesterday afternoon, so I'm off for a scan in an hour. I think it's all over, feel a bit numb. Is it common to have 2 misscarrages in 3 years?

OP posts:
SushiMama · 14/09/2008 09:38

So sorry to hear that Sushipaws

Not sure about miscarrage rates, but I do know someone who had 4. It doesn't necessarily mean that something is wrong with you. Perhaps the baby wasn't going to survive anyway. Besides I think miscarrages are often a lot more common than people are aware of. Just that they didn't even know they were pregnant yet.

HTH. All the best for later

belgo · 14/09/2008 09:41

I'm sorry Sushipaws.

Early miscarriages are very common. I have two children, followed by two miscarriages within 6 months. I was worried that there was some sort of problem with me, but I'm now eight months pregnant again, and all is fine this time, so in my case, two miscarriages was just bad luck, and didn't mean anything sinister.

Look after yourself and remember there is hope.

cornsilk · 14/09/2008 09:44

sorry to hear this sushipaws. I didn't realise how common miscarriages were until I had one. Lots of people then told me about their own experiences. Take care.

Habbibu · 14/09/2008 09:52

So sorry, Sushipaws. Look after yourself.

Sushipaws · 14/09/2008 17:46

Went for my scan at 10am and saw a tiny blob with a steady heart beat. They said it was growing and it looked fine but it was a bit low down and that was worrying.

At about 12.20pm I went to the loo and passed it. So I've definately had a miscarrage and feel pretty sad.

I didn't know what to do with the embrio. I actually caught it (sorry if that too much info). I didn't want to just flush it so I put it in the soil under a tree in my garden. I'm not sure if thats weird.

Thanks for all you kind words.

OP posts:
lou031205 · 14/09/2008 17:49

Sushipaws - how very distressing for you. It almost seems worse that your scan revealed a steady heart beat. Take care of yourself, and allow yourself to grieve for the little life that you saw, if only briefly. Perhaps it would help if you see the scan as your moment to know your baby? I hope that you recover quickly, both physically and mentally, and that you have time to grive.

NarkySparkly · 14/09/2008 18:04

Hi Sushipaws,
Am so sorry to read this .
I'm just over 10 weeks and had a scan on Wednesday which confirmed that I am miscarrying. Have been bleeding and passing a few small clots so am booked in for a D&C on Tuesday.
Take lots of time to recover. Am thinking of you xxx

cornsilk · 14/09/2008 18:06

Sushipaws that's so sad. It's not at all weird to put the embryo under a tree. I'm very sorry. Take care.

bellabelly · 14/09/2008 18:23

So sorry . I think what you did with the embryo is a lovely thing.

belgo · 14/09/2008 18:56

Sushipaws - that's not wierd at all. I did exactly the same thing with my little embryo, and it's a comfort to know that I didn't flush it away.

belgo · 14/09/2008 18:56

Very sorry for you as well Narky.

wotulookinat · 14/09/2008 19:09

Aw Sushi - so sorry what you have done is lovely.

Sushipaws · 14/09/2008 20:23

Narky, I'm so sorry for you too, it's so sad seeing what you almost had. I have to believe that the pregnancy wasn't meant to be and the next one will be. If I hadn't had my first miscarrage I wouldn't have my lovely daughter, she keeps me going. I'll be thinking of you on Wednesday.

I'm so pleased I didn't tell anyone outside my family, I couldn't face telling people.

Belgo, I'm sorry for you too, we can look at the trees and know that part of the little lives we made are helping them grow.

Thank you all for you kind thoughts.

I'm off to get a little bit drunk and eat brie.

OP posts:
catsmother · 14/09/2008 21:54

Sushi - sorry for your loss. I miscarried at 7 weeks last Thursday, and passed a significant amount of tissue (I didn't delve into it too much) but I re-potted a small olive tree this afternoon and put it in the pot ..... so you're definitely not weird. It felt too callous to deliberately flush "it" away (though I did so previously without really thinking and then felt awful). The way I look at it ..... some teeny bit of good can come by nourishing another growing thing.

LOVEMYMUM · 15/09/2008 00:45

Sushipaws and catsmother - so sorry.
I really like the idea of planting the tissue (sorry - not sure what to call it).
Strength to you and your DP's.

applenpears · 19/02/2009 21:41

ditto experience...
first scan fine...6 weeks heart beat, so relieved (mon)
even went to work in afternoon because I hadn't told anyone. next day - I knew - have got rid of bed sheet.. had to wait till bleedind settled down for another scan on fri (13th! feb). but I knew... :-(
Have a gorgeous 3 yr daughter though and luckily she didn't know, but three of my friends are pregnant so dare not say any thing.

Hope you ok.
I will get there -

Spaceman · 19/02/2009 21:46

Poor you; so sorry for you.

I had two mc's in three months. Thought there was something wrong but have since had DS. There is a light, just try to keep calm, healthy and stress-free, which isn't easy I know. Leave it a couple of months before trying again though. Good luck xxx

applenpears · 19/02/2009 21:50

thanks spaceman. it was just not meant to be.

Spaceman · 19/02/2009 22:03

It's gutting, I was a nervous wreck. You sound very resiliant, which will help you. MN really helped me actually.

all4us · 20/02/2009 01:01

poor sweetheart,

I cant imagine how that must have felt, I have never seen any one of mine as have lost them too soon or they have been chemical ..the docs havent decided yet...

I cant imagine how you must have been feeling...

i personally feel like im still going through a mini hell..waiting on edge for people close to me to tell me that they are expecting..and the pain and hurt of knowing that there is no reason or explanation for what me and my husband are going through...

good luck to you xxxx

ladylush · 21/02/2009 10:57

So sorry you've been through this I think burying the embryo was a lovely thing to do. I've had 4 m/c (and am pg again)but have never seen any of my embryos as the first two were slow m/c with gradual loss of tissue and the last 2 were mmc and I had an ERPC. I know what you mean when you say that your living dc keep you going.

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