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Miscarriage/pregnancy loss

need some advice

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saraheb · 11/09/2008 07:37

I am not sure if this has happened to anyone else and am wondering if I should go back to the doctor.

I had my second mc just over 4 weeks ago. Almost 2 weeks ago I had an ERPC and then my bleeding was on and off for just over a week. Now less than a week later I have started bleeding again. It was heavy enough to go through my underwear and through to my pyjamas and I am back to wearing pads again.

I don't know if this is my period (although it seems quick as I was warned it could be 6 weeks after the ERPC) or something wrong following the ERPC?

Can anyone help, please?

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andiem · 11/09/2008 07:41

hi sarah so sorry for your loss I think it is probably your period if it is fresh blood
if it is old blood or a bit smelly I would see your gp
hope all is ok

saraheb · 11/09/2008 07:52

Thanks for your quick reply andiem. It is a mix of old and new, with old looking clots(sorry if tmi).

Unfortunately I have no sense of smell and so never know if anything smells! Maybe I should go just in case?

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belgo · 11/09/2008 07:53

sorry to hear about your miscarriage. I do think you should get yourself checked out just in case, it could be nothing, but it's better to have that reassurance from a doctor.

andiem · 11/09/2008 09:34

agree with belgo I would go to see the gp if it is old blood and clots
take carex

saraheb · 11/09/2008 20:59

I tried to get in to see the doc today but there were no appointments. I have been told to ring in the morning after 8am. I will try but as I will already be at work then I may not be able to phone until morning break at 10.45. Hope I will be able to get in to see him at the evening surgery if I am still the same.

Thanks for the advice, andiem and belgo, its good to have a group of people to turn to when I need reassurrance. I was worried I would be wasting the docs time if it was just AF.

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andiem · 12/09/2008 09:26

hi sarah hope you get seen today

saraheb · 13/09/2008 08:37

many thanks, andiem - yes got into doc on Friday - same day that everything changed and indicated a normal AF. Looks like my hormones are back on track already and the countdown to try again begins!

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