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Miscarriage/pregnancy loss

results of a late misscarige???

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tye · 01/09/2008 15:31

ok so in april i lost id twins at 19 week {2nd pregnancy} did not have a post mortem due to being told it rarley gave answers but was told my placenta would be tested. since then ive rang the gp and hospital for these results but been told they dont have anything. should i of had them by now? and should i have been to see any health professional for any check ups or tests?

OP posts:
SweetPea99 · 01/09/2008 22:43

Hello Tye,
So sorry for your loss.

We have been discussing this question on the thread titled:
Late Miscarriage - What tests did you have?

I lost my baby girl in May and was told the same - no post mortem because it doesn't show anything . I had genetic tests on the baby and got the results back 6 weeks later. I'm sure you should have had results by now.

I have learnt that you cannot expect the Doctors to come up with the answers, you have to push them. I went to see my GP twice and a consultant for my follow up appointment, they were all very sympathetic but nobody did anything. I have now requested another appointment with an obstetrician and I have also had some blood tests done (by my back pain doctor - comepletely unrelated but he is the only person that has actually done anything) and now I am waiting for those results.Your GP shoudl be able to order these for you, but mine seemed pretty clueless.

I was also advised by other ladies on Mumsnet to read Dr Lesley Regan's book 'Miscarriage: What every woman needs to know', which you can get on Amazon, and that gives you all the information about which tests are and are not useful.

I just wanted to make sure that I had ruled out any possible problems before I got pregnant again - OK, maybe it was just bad luck, and next time it will be fine, but what if it isn't? 9 months is a long time to be panicking in my opinion.

Sorry this is such a long post, I hope it's helpful. Best of luck and big hugs.

tye · 02/09/2008 14:35

ah thanks sweetpea tis very helpful. actually found that im 4weeks pg again an am now in a huge stage of panic. think il go have a look for that book! thanxs

OP posts:
SweetPea99 · 02/09/2008 16:49

Congratulations Tye! Fingers crossed for you, I'm sure everything will be fine this time!

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