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Miscarriage/pregnancy loss

Miscarriage 5 weeks ago & think I'm pregnant again

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angis · 22/08/2008 13:38

Hi, I'm new to this so haven't mastered the acronyms yet, sorry for the length.

5 weeks ago I had a miscarriage at 11 weeks It didn't go well & after a week of contractions and lots of blood I ended up in hospital for surgical evacuation. Two weeks later I was in the clinic for a f/u check & nurse thought I'd been ovulating that week because of symptoms. I'm now wondering if I'm pregnant again or just due my period. I'm feeling the same way I did when I was pregnant: exhausted, slightly swollen boobs, occasional dizzy spells, upset tummy. I've had two positive home tests, but the lines were faint. I'm not sure if this is preg hormone on the way out or if I'm 3 weeks pregnant. Also had a little white crusting on the nipples (which I had when I was preg).
Can anyone tell me if they had these symptoms after a miscarriage? Haven't been to docs yet. Thanks

OP posts:
MmeLindt · 22/08/2008 13:52

I am not sure tbh, but I did not want your post to go unanswered. Could you call your early pregnancy unit at the hospital?

MmeLindt · 22/08/2008 14:44

bump for someone in the know

HairyToe · 22/08/2008 17:14

I had a mmc and opted for ERPC. In the last couple of months since this happened I have had quite a lot of strange hormonal feelings and symptoms - cramping, spotting, nausea, tiredness, really sore boobs. Wondered (and hoped!) a few times if I was pregnant but unfortunately I haven't conceived yet.

You may be pregnant (and if that is what you hope then fingers crossed!) but in my experience your hormaones can be all over the place after a miscarriage and in my case my body is good at fooling me.

Probably you should get it checked out though? Good luck

ChocolateEclair · 22/08/2008 17:41

Hi angis - sorry you are going through this.

I think you could well be pg, maybe wait a week and do another test?

I had a mc in June at 7 weeks, and 5 weeks later got a BFP! I only knew it was def a new pregnancy as I had done a pg test about 3 weeks after the mc and it was def -ve. I still can't believe we conceived just over 3 weeks after a mc!

Hoping it all works out for you xx

MKG · 22/08/2008 18:14

This happened to my sister. She had a miscarriage and then 6 weeks later was pregnant again.

It could be that you are pregnant. However I have to say that when I had a miscarriage in January I was still testing positive 4 weeks after.

Definitely agree that you should wait a week and test again.

Hope you get the outcome you want

AnnVan · 22/08/2008 19:01

I had a miscarriage in October - strange, they brought me back to the EPU to check everything had cleared out and that pg tests now showed negative. I conceived again in November, but had no idea until January, when I developed hyperemisis.

I'm now 39 weeks btw and due next saturday!

angis · 25/08/2008 12:39

Thanks everyone, its reassuring to hear all your different experiences and know that this can be normal. I think I'm going to wait this week and see if my period comes, do another test and if its still positive speak to my GP. We'd be delighted if I am pregnant but if not we won't be devastated as we are still emotionally recovering from the miscarriage. Its just confusing as my boobs have swollen in the past week and I'm really emotional (tearful watching the olympics!) so its hard to tell if this is hormones on the way out or on the increase. Last time I didn't know I was pregnant until I was 6/7 weeks so I can't recall how I felt in those early weeks. Maybe this is all just my body regulating itself but I think I'll speak to my doc about it.

Thanks again and all good wishes to you.

OP posts:
angis · 25/08/2008 12:42

AnnVan congratulations - fingers crossed for an easy delivery.

OP posts:
MUMBLEB · 25/08/2008 13:06

best thing to do is not worry and be too overly anxious easier said than done i know. but cases where pregnancies are not discovered untill the birth are extremley RARE.what will be will be hun nature can seem to be cruel at times and then beautiful at others. all the best xx

angis · 26/08/2008 14:04

Thanks Mumbleb much appreciated.

OP posts:
daisy5 · 26/08/2008 21:24

I had a number of pregnancy symptoms the month after my miscarriage and was convinced I was pregnant, but I wasn't.

Good luck.

MUMBLEB · 30/08/2008 00:48

HI angis, hope alls ok . glad i could be of some comfort be strong hun xx

MUMBLEB · 30/08/2008 00:48

HI angis, hope alls ok . glad i could be of some comfort be strong hun xx

giraffescantdancethetango · 30/08/2008 01:32

hope all is ok x

SEBANDELLIOTTSMUM · 02/09/2008 22:51

im new to this so so bare with me!!! im in a similar predicament.
i miscarried at the end of july at 8 weeks with my 3rd baby (i have 2 boys)
its been nearly 6 weeks & i havent had a period, ive done a pregnancy test today & its come back positive.
we havent used any contraception so it is a possibility..
i dont know whether to be pleased or if its still the hormones in my they last long?
sorry its so long.xx

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