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Miscarriage/pregnancy loss

body staging some sort of mutiny

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yawningmonster · 19/08/2008 12:07

ok so I had a miscarriage in March 2007, I had another in April this year. Since the April one which was very early (had just got positive at 5 weeks and lost next day) this is what has happened
May 4 weeks after miscarriage, I get sore breasts, bloating and thinks me couldn't be, go 3 days over with no sign so I test, get negative and af comes that day
June 3 weeks after May af I get nausea with vomiting, sore breasts...I know the drill says I so hold off until 5 days after af is due, negative get af that day
July 3 weeks after June af I get all the symptoms, I am determined not to jump the gun this time so wait 9 days after af due, negative and af comes that day!!!
August...I am due af on Thursday...I have sore breasts, nausea, dry mouth etc...all the symptoms of all three pregnancies I have had (I have a ds) I am just not going to put self through testing if I am late and just wait and see, If I get to 4 weeks late then I know something is going on!!!
Anyway I have never had these symptoms associated with af before the second miscarriage, what is going on!!!

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yawningmonster · 19/08/2008 12:15

any ideas what is going on
anyone else have changes to their cycles and cycle symptoms

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yawningmonster · 19/08/2008 12:21


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yawningmonster · 19/08/2008 12:28


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LadyThompson · 19/08/2008 12:47

Sweetie, I can't help but just wanted to bump this for you and to say I wish you good luck. It sounds to me like your hormones are right out of whack. I'm sure you've tried a hormone balancing diet, maybe considered acupuncture etc...Anyway, good luck for Thursday x

Wheelybug · 19/08/2008 12:52

After I had a m/c my pmt symptoms were terrible for quite a while - v. sore boobs, nausea and all sorts. One month I had diorrhea for 3 days before AF arrived. It eventually settled down.

MmeLindt · 19/08/2008 12:56

I have this sometimes, some kind of PMT, I have often tested as I felt pregnant. It is horrible.

One thing that helps me is keeping off caffeine and drinking decaf tea. Sometimes I take iron supplement for a day or two.

I have had this since DS's birth 4yo. Had DD 6years ago and previously 2 m/c.

Hope you feel better soon

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