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Miscarriage/pregnancy loss

Miscarriage - Advice needed

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SamR1972 · 14/02/2005 10:51

I am currently experiencing what I believe is my second miscarriage. I started to bleed one week ago and had a scan 2 days later. The scan showed a small area which could have been a gestational sac but it was only 3mm. The hospital told me that it could indicate an early pregnancy (5 weeks) - at the time I thought I was 6 weeks but could be wrong! The bleeding has been off and on for a week now with both brown blood and bright red blood. Generally it has not been heavy enough to wear a sanitary pad but some days have been heavier than others. I have to go back for a scan on 22nd Feb but these seems like forever away. I have done a pregnancy test every other day since the bleeding started and I have been getting strong positives (so strong I don't have to wait for the 1 or 2 mins to show the result). I am so confused and don't know what to think. This experience is so different from my first miscarriage where I bled and the pregnancy tests were only faint positive for about 2 weeks. Any advice would be appreciated.

OP posts:
gothicmama · 14/02/2005 12:50

so sorry for you - No advice I know how hard it is to wait just try to relax

bonkerz · 14/02/2005 12:53

I really hope all will be well for you but i had a scan at 6 weeks with my last pregnancy and all was well, had spotting and small blood loss, not enough for pad but sadly lost the baby at 7 wekks (didnt find out till 12 weeks though). My first mc i had lots of blood and pain which is why i was hopeful with my 2nd. Are you being re scanned in 10 days?

Mirage · 14/02/2005 13:32

SamR1972,it must be incredibably hard for you to wait so long without knowing what is going on.Will your Dr or hospital do an HcG blood test?They are usually done every 72 hours & as long as the HcG levels go up by at least 60%,it indicates a healthy pregnancy.If they would do this for you,it would give you a better idea of what is happening whilst waiting for your scan.

I bled for a week with dd twice-each time it was bright red blood,like a period.Thankfully she was fine,but we never did find out what caused it.I am currently 24wks pregnant & had exactly the same thing happen again,2 bouts of bright red bleeding & no one knows why.

I hope you can get some answers soon.

4kids · 14/02/2005 20:11

bleeding in early pregnangies doesnt always result in micarriages its called a threatened miscarriage i bled in early preg with dd1 & dd2 but had a normal pregnancy .I've also had bleeding which did result in a miscarriage .So SamR1972 dont think the worst you could go on to have a normal pregnancy good luck & god bless.

TeaTime · 15/02/2005 00:07

hi SamR
I recently had a similar experience which I'm afraid ended up in a m/c - scan showed small sac, bleeding on and off for a couple of weeks (weeks 8 and 9) then it stopped. Second scan showed an 'empty' sac at 9 and a half weeks. the waiting till then was terrible and I fully sympathise - you'll feel like each day is a week. I decided to wait for a natural miscarriage but nothing happened (no bleeding or anything) for 2 weeks so I did a test and got a very strong positive (like you say - no waiting needed). This put me in turmoil and I asked for another scan but the sac was still empty and about the same size. Somehow because it was there my body was sending out pregnancy hormones even though the baby wasn't developing. I decided to have a D & C operation (last Friday) and am recovering from that. I wouldn't waste money on more pregnancy tests (unless you have a free supply) - they are not an indicator of a viable pregnancy I'm afraid. Your best bet is to try to stay calm, eat well and wait for the scan. Really time will tell. Many of us have been through what you are experiencing so please don't feel alone.

SamR1972 · 16/02/2005 12:13

Hi all, thanks for your advice but unfortunately I now have definately miscarried. The bleeding became very heavy with some pain and I was taken to the hospital for a scan and examination. The scan showed that my uterus was full of blood and clots and there was no sign of the sac. The hospital made may stay in as the bleeding was heavy and once under control they said I could go. I have to go back for pregnancy test on 28th but I guess this is just a formality. They won't do any tests to see why this is happening until I have my third mc. Does anyone know how to go about getting some tests done privately or even what to ask for? Any advice would be useful as I don't want to just sit tight and wait and see if it happens again - so stressfull!!!

OP posts:
Dyzzidi · 16/02/2005 13:38


Thinking of you sorry for your loss.

these words are difficult to type as I am not sure if I would have appreciated a stranger saying anything to me but I really am thinking of you and what you must be going through.

Lots of love

dawnybabs26 · 16/02/2005 14:02

I'm so sorry Sam ((((((Big Hugs))))))
Thinking of You xxx.

DecafArabica · 16/02/2005 16:47

So sorry to hear what has happened, as you may know, I am in the middle of a miscarriage too. Hope you have people around you to hug you and be with you at this awful time. It feels like the end of the world and I am finding it hard to trust that the scars will eventually fade somewhat, but from what everyone says they eventually do.
Big hugs.

4kids · 16/02/2005 20:35

My thoughts are with you .

indamb · 16/02/2005 21:03


sorry to hear of your loss, thinking about you.

Hugs, Hugs xxx

indamb · 16/02/2005 21:05

big sorry, sam.

wrote the wrong name, feels really awfull.

just read my thread the teatime replied too.

sorry teatime too.

feel really sh*y now.

hugs x x x

charleepeters · 16/02/2005 21:14

HI i dont know if this is any help but when i misscarries i had heavy bleeding and pain it was heavy like a period and had loads of clots when i actually fell pregnant and carried full term i had some bleeding around 5 weeks light brown and bright red as you described and i went to the doc and he said just to lay down and make sure your legs are up just as a precaution but he said some women do bleed lightly, this is just my experience sorry if im wrong and you have misscarried i hope it all works out for the best x

charleepeters · 16/02/2005 21:15

sorry just read your last message im really sorry i hope it happens for you next time xxx

TeaTime · 16/02/2005 23:30

Sorry SamR that hope for your pregnancy has gone. If you read these threads you will see just how common it is (out of 26 of us due in August 2005, 8 have miscarried!! some for the first time, some for the second - all different cases but I'm about the only one who had a possible 'reason', age being 45)- you've done nothing wrong and there's nothing wrong with you. Nature is random and cruel (as well as kind). It would be very likely that even privately they'd find nothing amiss. As someone on another thread reported - the biggest problem in having children is conceiving - you are doing that and one day it is sure to come right. Meanwhile lots of hugs for your pain right now.
PS Indamb - no worries - threads can get confusing sometimes and we all make mistakes.

DecafArabica · 18/02/2005 21:46

Hi Sam, how are you coping?

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