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Miscarriage/pregnancy loss

Can anyone help??

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Gem021 · 02/07/2008 07:29

i found out i was pregnant last wednesday, then on friday i started bleeding red blood and it is still there today, been to the hospital and had 3 blood tests they said my hcg levels were dropping but not as they should be if im miscarrying, they havent scanned me or even offered me a scan all they said was to do another pregnancy test in 2 weeks, i havent passed any clots or anything its just blood, i was taking the pill right up until the day i found out i was pregnant, could it be that my body is trying to have a period?? im so confused nobody seems to know what is going on.

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littleboyblue · 02/07/2008 07:31

You poor thing. I've had 3 m/c so know how awful it is not knowing. What's your gp said/done?
They really need to tell you what's going on for your mental/emotional well-being.
How far along were/are you?
Can't you cry to the gp and demand scan? Say you are in a lot of pain and remind the gp of the risks if it's ectopic

Gem021 · 02/07/2008 07:44

the clinic told me i was roughly about 8 weeks and i havent been to my gp yet as i only found out on wednesday and the bleeding started 2 days later so i phoned my gp and they told me to go straight to a&e. It seems as though the hospital doesnt know themselves whats happening i was reading about it on here to try and get some info and it seems as though everyone else got a scan straight away. Thank you for your reply i think i am going to go to my gp and cry and demand a scan. x

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littleboyblue · 02/07/2008 07:49

You should go to gp as soon as poss. It sounds like when they instructed you to go to A&E it was because they expected you to receive the appropriate treatment which I don't think you have.
With my first m/c, I went staraight to the hospital, they were very dismissive and senrt me home, I then went to gp and she went mental! She got straight on the phone and really gave them what for. She wrote a letter and told me to get back there, the minute I handed letter at the admissions desk, they had me in a wheelchair and couldn't do enough.
Don't take any crap, you need to be scanned today. Ultrasound dep't hold a certain ammount of appointments free for emergencies like this so if they say they can't fit you in they are talking shit.

Gem021 · 02/07/2008 07:56

Thanks, im going to do that as soon as my doctors is open. I didnt think that they was very helpful at the hospital but this is the first time ive ever been pregnant so i just thought if there was something wrong they would of told me, but they just left me confused. Also i had 2 internals and both times they told me that my cervix is closed what does that mean? x

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littleboyblue · 02/07/2008 07:59

If the cervix is closed it normally means the pregnancy is ok and when it starts to open is a clear sign that you will/are m/c.

thegrowlygus · 02/07/2008 08:03

Hi - if your cervix is open and you are bleeding it is more likely that you will miscarry. If your cervix is closed it is less likely (although not ruled out completely).

Trouble is that at this stage sometimes it is difficult to tell what is going on and only time will tell.

But you should speak to your GP - if you are 8 weeks then you should be getting a scan. Normally we can get one either the same day or the next day (if you are getting pain, especially one sided then it would be done asap - but please don't lie to your gp to get a scan!)

In terms of outcome it is better to do the scan once the bleeding has settled in that if you are still bleeding and they see a heartbeat, that is fine for today, but if the bleeding continues then you don't know what happens tomorrow/the day after etc. But in practice the scan is usually done at presentation (i.e. when you start to bleed). Sorry. Waffling a bit now. Speak to your practice nurse/GP.

And best of luck. Tis horrible all round.

Gem021 · 02/07/2008 08:03

ok thanks. xx

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