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pregnant after a mmc and had brown disharge?

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teary · 03/06/2008 17:09

Hi anyone!
has anybody experienced a mmc then fell pregnant a couple of months later - i am 6 weeks just over and three days ago had a brown discharge, it has now faded but still discoloured (tmi - sorry)no other symptoms of classic m/c and still feeling nausea and boobs tender, i feel pregnant still but am terrified i will go tomorrow to a early scan to be told no heartbeat again - last time i had pink spotting no pain but also no symptoms of being pregnant either! i was told baby stopped growing at 6 weeks found out on my nine week scan after experiencing the pink spotting - also having a few niggling pulling sensation around my pubic bone area be grateful for anybody who can second guess for me?

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charliesmum22 · 03/06/2008 20:16

Hi teary, just wanted to wish you good luck for tomorrow, you must be very nervous. Let's hope they can put your mind at rest. Please let me know how you get on x

mummy2olivia · 03/06/2008 20:46

Fingers crossed teary!! xxx

Brown is generally ok and I have been told that it is usually your womb having a clear out after implantation- especially at 6 weeks.

When I had my MC a month ago the brown discharge turned into painful red bleeding within a few days.

I have everything crossed for you

good luck


teary · 04/06/2008 12:05

thankyou so much i am really nervous now feeling very sick this morning not sure if morning sickness or nerves? discharge almost cleared but not been to loo for two days if you know what i mean too scared! will keep you posted! x

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CatIsSleepy · 04/06/2008 12:08

hey teary-good luck

I also got pg v. soon after an early miscarriage
had a few days of brownish discharge round about the time my period was due

so may be OK

fingers crossed for you

teary · 04/06/2008 12:26

Hi catissleepy
thats great to hear i hope thats all it is just longing to be told there is a heartbeat now! thanks

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CatIsSleepy · 04/06/2008 12:37

really hope the scan's ok x

teary · 04/06/2008 16:09

hi everyone
just come back from scan - we saw what appeared to be a heartbeat a tiny flicker in the top of sac! they have said it looks smaller than 6wk+4 said it looks more like 5.5 weeks couldnt find any reason for brown discharge and everything looked in tact so she said but have to go back in 12 days to confirm! does this sound like bean will be ok? only had one period since mmc and it was 6 weeks in between erpc and when first came on so could the size be right for dates or do i need to start worrying now that it is too small? (hmm)

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charliesmum22 · 04/06/2008 16:20

Don't worry!!!!!! And congratulations on some fab news!!!! Just relax now for the next 12 days, and hopefully all will still be on track then.

At this stage in the pregnancy it is very difficult to estimate the size of the foetus (that what my doc told me anyway). It must be v tricky to do it precisely, if you consider how tiny it is! I had the exact same thing with ds - they said I was about a week behind what I thought I was, but we never had any problems at all, and he was a nice 6lb 12ozs when he was born, so think he was a bit smaller than average all the way along.

Ooooohhhh I so hope it continues to be good news for you! You really must take it easy, and try not to worry!

BeckyBendyLegs · 04/06/2008 19:18

Hi Teary good news!!!! I'm so happy for you .

teary · 04/06/2008 20:39

thankyou for all your kind words it has been a real comfort to talk I'm definately going to be staying on this site now throughout as would love to continue to chat about all the highs and lows hopefully more highs hope your all well speak soon! x

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CatIsSleepy · 04/06/2008 20:51

hey teary, that sounds hopeful
very pleased to hear it. good luck with the next scan and please try not to worry too much!

charliesmum22 · 09/06/2008 20:21

Hi teary, how are you? I hope you're staying calm - what date is your next scan?

teary · 18/06/2008 15:50

Hi everyone
we went to the scan yesterday and I saw our little bean measuring 15mm with a fast and healthy heart beat and gestation now back to my orginal dates 8wks and two days - feeling really good about everything and still feeling nausea said they couldnt see any reason for discharge but to my dispair Ive had a bit more brown discharge today and dont know what to think feel like someone is playing a cruel game with me! arrgh!!!!

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sue10 · 18/06/2008 16:14

Oh Teary,
i am sorry, what a stress for you. If it was me i would go and have my hcg levels taken and ask for another scan tomorrow. Really hope little bean hangs on in there.

teary · 18/06/2008 16:17

thank you sue10 do you think they will scan me again so soon?

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EBenes · 18/06/2008 16:20

Teary, I was in the same position about 7 weeks ago - pregnant quite quickly after a mmc, and a little brown discharge, and a heartbeat at 8 weeks and measuring fine for size at an emergency scan. As far as I know the baby is still alive, but I haven't had a scan since 13 weeks and it is impossible to be relaxed about this after an mmc. I have come to think of the nausea as a good sign. I know that:

  • MILLIONS of healthy pregnancies have no sickness at all

  • lots of women are still very sick after miscarrying.

    However - in my case, with my mmc, I just wasn't sick, even though I'd been very sick my first pregnancy, and in this pregnancy, I was being sick right before my emergency scan, so I've started feeling worried the mornings I'm not sick and a bit relieved when I am. It's probably all superstition, but on the other hand, my GP says the baby makes the hormone. You - and I - have a fair few weeks to go until we can start to feel a bit more relaxed, I just thought I'd tell you my position from twice as many weeks as you, so you know that it's possible for this to happen and it still - so far, I hope - to be a normal pregnancy. Hope everything goes well for you now.
teary · 18/06/2008 17:16

Thankyou ebenes
It is so stressfull I just cant settle to anything now and running to loo every 5 mins checking how it is (its still there only slight tho) I really hope that the sickness is a good sign cant believe this time yesterday I was feeling relieved and now back to square one so to speak, I also had no nausea with mmc and feeling crap with this one so hopefully its a good indication to go by but like you said a long way to go and fearing I will be like this now all the way thru if I get the chance to see it thru that is! Hope you go well keep in touch nice to share similar stories1

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