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Miscarriage/pregnancy loss

2nd miscarriage, still waiting for it to happen is this normal?

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HtheH · 22/05/2008 22:47

After previous miscarriage last year have had 3 early scans this time round, all going fine until 9 weeks 2 days when scan showed no heartbeat, doctor diagnosed an inevitable miscarriage. I still feel pregnant - sore boobs, nausea, tired e.t.c. and no sign of bleeding. Very confused, doctor said to let it happen naturally, but how long will I have to wait? Anyone else had a similar experience, and could it have been misdiagnosed? Can't move on until it happens, feel desperate and sad and totally helpless, is there anything I can do???

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HtheH · 22/05/2008 22:48

Forgot to say that diagnosis was on Monday so 4 days have passed already.

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evenhope · 23/05/2008 21:07

Sorry to hear this. It takes anything up to 2 weeks (or longer) for it to start by itself. My second mmc they couldn't fit me in for an ERPC for a week, by which time I'd already started bleeding.

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