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Miscarriage/pregnancy loss

wish i was'nt feeling like this!

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wen10 · 14/05/2008 20:40

Hi everyone,
after several mc's i find it increasingly difficult to cope with other pregnant friends/family but feel so guilty that im sad and jealous!!! One of my dear friends has just called to say she is 12 weeks pregnant and i did the usual false high pitch voice etc....trying to sound really excited as i was trying not to just crumble but i feel so gulity feeling like this as i am truly happy for her i just dont seem to beable to cope with this and feel my whole body just slumping with totally dispair! Does anyone else feel like this? Sorry it's all doomy and gloomy.

OP posts:
MaureenMLove · 14/05/2008 20:56

Perfectly, perfectly natural! And tbh, the fact that you can acknowledge how you are feeling is good. Are you able to share your feeling with your friend? She probably felt like hell telling you she was pg.

nandos · 14/05/2008 20:59

hi wen10,
i guess its normal to feel like that. most of whose had mc feel sad seeing preg women or when one of their family/relatives are preg or going to give birth.
dont get too upset cos' they didnt intentionally want to make you jealous or sad but just think that one day you will have a baby/ children of your own soon..

Charliesmum22 · 14/05/2008 22:05

Oh wen, how difficult for you. I think what you're feeling is natural considering what you've been through and how desperately you must want a baby. You must not feel guilty at all for feeling like this.

I definately agree with Maureen, the fact that you can acknowledge how you're feeling is positive - and the fact that you are happy for your friend, no matter how awful the news is for you, just shows what strength you have, and how kind you are. I'm pretty sure most people in your position wouldn't even be capable of feeling pleased for their friend and would just be eaten up by jealousy.

I'm thinking of you and hoping that you're okay...

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