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Bleeding getting stronger, should I be worried (possible tmi warning)

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bcsnowpea · 13/05/2008 21:51

I was diagnosed with a mmc last Thursday, after having light brown bleeding. Hospital told me to go home and see if it completed naturally (I suspect because I don't have private health insurance and wasn't in any pain). By Sunday I had heavy bleeding, strong cramps, and I passed quite a few large clots over a couple of hours. Since Sunday, the bleeding has been not as heavy, and I've only had a few twinges of normal period pain. This morning (Wednesday in Australia) I've woken up and passed another (though smaller) clot. Should I be clotting any more? At what point do I worry and ring the hospital or my gp?

Thx. for any help or similar experiences. I really need some assurance

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sleepycat · 13/05/2008 21:54

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

NoNickname · 13/05/2008 21:59

I too had a mmc. I think I bled for about 10 days in all, and it was a fairly early mc (7 weeks) so I didn't expect it to be that "bad". I continued to pass clots for several days too.

I think you should just monitor yourself and if you have any severe pain, heavier bleeding or a fever, then contact your GP or the hospital.

Btw, my gp advised me to let nature take its course, saying he would never recommend anyone to go into hospital for a D&C or other procedure unless they really needed it. With the state of cleanliness in some of our hospitals (I'm sure it's better in Oz), I was glad to take his advice.

justjules · 13/05/2008 22:01

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Message withdrawn at poster's request.

bcsnowpea · 13/05/2008 22:02

Thank you both. No fever, and no severe pain today (although Sunday was bloody horrible) so hopefully all is going well, but neither my gp nor hospital gave me any advice on what to expect and I really wasn't in a state of mind to ask.

I suppose I'll ring them if cramping gets worse again. I'm just having visions of sitting in my lecture today and passing out, or something horrible happening, at least on Sunday I was at home and close to dh. I really just wish I knew more about what my body was doing.

OP posts:
justjules · 13/05/2008 22:06

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

lackaDAISYcal · 13/05/2008 22:14

sorry to hear of your loss snowpea

I've had two complete MCs, the first at 11 weeks, but they think the baby had died at 8 weeks. The bleeding with that ine was very heavy for a day or so, then calmed down, but iirc I was passing clots intermittently for more than a week; certainly for 5+days. I'd suggest keeping an eye on things and if the bleeding gets worse, or gets to be very bright red and you have any fever or smelliness then get back to the hospital as a matter of urgency.

The EPU told me to wait a week or so and then do another test...I had to test every week for about four weeks until I got a negative result which was quite trying. This was just to make sure that there was no retained tissue. If there was the test would have stayed positive I believe, and only then would they consider doing a D&C.

There is some good information on the miscarriage association's website whcih might help explain a few things to you at the moment.

Take it easy on yourself.

daisy xx

lackaDAISYcal · 13/05/2008 22:15

hi jules......cross posts

justjules · 13/05/2008 22:18

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Charliesmum22 · 14/05/2008 08:36

Hi snowpea, so sorry to hear about what's happened . It's horrible isn't it.

I had the same thing happen last week - I went to get checked out because I'd had a bit of bleeding and they found that the baby's heartbeat had stopped (at 8 weeks). That was on the Monday. What you described in your first post is pretty much what happened to me, on the Tuesday I started with heavy bleeding, bad cramps and over the next couple of days passed quite a few clots. I had been booked in for a d&c on the Thursday and decided to still go in case I needed it, and when the gynae scanned me there was still a bit more to come out so she went ahead.

The bleeding is only just stopping now, and I would imagine that if I hadn't have had the d&c that it would still be going.

If you have doubts then you should get in touch with the hospital/your doctor as even if they just give you a scan to let you know what's going on and how it's progressing it might reassure you that it may be almost over.

Hope you have lots of support while going through this difficult time x

bcsnowpea · 16/05/2008 04:49

Thanks Charliesmum22 - were you on the Nov 06 thread?

Thank you for describing your experience, it was really good to hear the similarities. The bleeding seems to have slowed to almost stopping now, which is really encouraging. I figure I'll monitor my hcg using hpts and hope it goes down to negative. After my next period I'll go back to the gp to get the all clear for trying to conceive again... hope my body understands the plan

OP posts:
Charliesmum22 · 16/05/2008 08:44

Hi snowpea, thanks for the update, was wondering how you were doing. Glad things seem to be coming to an end. Think it's a little easier psychologically when the physical parts of the mc have finished.

Good luck with ttc, am thinking we might do the same after my next period - maybe we'll be on the same ante-natal thread No, I wasn't on the Nov 06 thread, but I do recognise your name from somewhere...

Fingers crossed for a happier result next time round x

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