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Miscarriage/pregnancy loss

Third miscarriage-what next?

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titchy77 · 25/04/2008 09:12

I am currently going throygh my third miscarriage, my first was in 2005 at 9 weeks which was a missed m/c and had an erpc then went on to have my dd,my second 1st feb this year at 5 weeks which I miscarried naturally and again now. I find it really hard to deal with, i only found out last week as hadn't had a period since the last m/c so done a test and was so excited when it was positive, started to bleed on mon, had a scan tues where they told me the baby had died at 8wks 2 days. I have been bleeding heavily since monday and having pain, i just wondered if this is normal to bleed so heavily?I don't remember it being this heavy last time.Have occasionaly felt faint and dizzy but think this is due to the amount of blood I am losing. Does anyone know if I will be able to have some tests done to see why this is keeps happening, it breaks my heart every time it happens. Thanks

OP posts:
forevercleaning · 25/04/2008 09:23

So sorry to hear your sad news titchy. No real advice or experience but hopefully someone will come along with some shortly.

Thinking of you though

lollyheart · 25/04/2008 10:42

So sorry for you
I have had 3 miscarriages my first pregnancy was a mmc at 10 weeks then i had dd
i had my 2nd mc at 5 weeks
i had ds and then another mc also at 5 weeks im now 20 weeks pregnant due sept and all seems ok.
The docs at the epau told me they wont do any tests on me becauce ive had 2 sucsessful pregnancys they will only do tests once you have had 3 miscarriages in a row.
i would get the bleeding checked out if you are in pain and lots of blood loss.

Springflower · 25/04/2008 10:42

Hi, Sorry to hear you're going through this again. It sounds like you were much further on with this pregancy which would explain why you are bleeding so much more. If you think it is too much (I know its hard to tell) then you could go to your gp - especially if youre feeling faint. I think it will depend on your gp / hospital whether you can get any tests. I know in some places it has to be 3 consecutive miscarriages for you to get tested but you could ask your gp for a referral? Are you to go back to hte hospital? I had 2 mc then 3 children then another 2 mc. I was lucky and got tested after the first 2 as I was already attending the infertility clinic but it didnt show up any cause. I think some people end up having to go privately though. Take care.

cluttercup · 25/04/2008 10:43

Titchy - couldn't let your post go without sending you a big hug. I'm so sorry this is happening to you x

orangehead · 25/04/2008 10:50

Im so sorry this is happening again. I think it normally has to be three consective mcs. But saying they did tests after my 2nd, they said no at first but I was so distraught but firm that I wanted something done that the consultant agreed in the end.
I would get the bleeding checked out.
Sending you virtual hugs

titchy77 · 25/04/2008 11:43

Thank you for all your advice and hugs, the epu said that the bleeding is probably heavier because i am further gone than last time. They also said that after this one my gp should refer me but that all depends on the gp if not we have decided we will look into going privately, I have so many questions running around my head and just want answers but i don't think there is always an answer. Its really hard to deal with and I found out my sister in law is pregnant just before I started bleeding, so am finding that hard too yet I am happy for them too. Thank you again.xxxxx

OP posts:
Hants · 06/05/2008 20:16

So so sorry to hear you are going through such a traumatic time yet again. I had 2 MCs last year, both times started bleeding about the 5/6 week mark and lost at 7/8 weeks. I asked my doc for tests even though I had only 2 MCs (they should do after 3)because of my age (now 41), they didn't show up anything so we are none the wiser. Luckily we already have a DS 3.5yrs which did make it a little easier to cope. We hope to try again this year. During my first one I bleed an awful lot and had contractions, so second time I asked for a dnc which was much less painful and bloody. I would insist on your gp refering you for tests! Good luck xxx

OracleInaCoracle · 06/05/2008 20:20

oh, im so, so sorry. agree that epu should probably see you if you are feeling dizzy, after my 6th mc i lost a lot of blood, i was only 5w but it seemed much heavier and more painful than the others.

your gp should refer you now tbh, although they might put up a fight. how old are you, and how old is dd?

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