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Miscarriage/pregnancy loss


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1LittlePrincess · 21/04/2008 12:31

I sadly miscarried yesterday at 7 weeks and 3 days

My tiny beanie was born at home all cozy in its sac into a tissue after I had been to the toilet and wiped. I am very sad that this has happened and feel totally numb. As no-one was aware that I was pregnant yet I dont feel like I have anyone to talk to But I am glad that I have found these forums.

I called the docs today and they have said that as the sac was complete I would only need to go to them if I experience intense pain or develope a temp.

This is my 1st MC and I am blessed to have one beautiful DD but the heart ache im feeling is horrible

1 LP x

OP posts:
ska · 21/04/2008 12:32

oh so sorry to hear this. you must be sad, the loss is always there no matter how many you already have/go on to have.
keep talking to us!

fletchaaarr · 21/04/2008 12:32

So sorry for your loss.

BetteNoire · 21/04/2008 12:32

1LP, I'm so sorry for your loss.
Be kind to yourself, and take care.

belgo · 21/04/2008 12:34

I'm so sorry 1littleprincess - I experienced a very similar miscarriage and buried the bean - they helped somehow.

purplegryffon · 21/04/2008 12:39

Hi 1LP - am so so sorry for your loss... I miscarried this weekend at 5 weeks - 1st MC - and I too share your pain... It's like a bloody big void that nothing can fix... The women on these threads have been amazing and so supportive - if you could use a shoulder and need to share - I'm here as are others who are helping me... Take care, purple...

1LittlePrincess · 21/04/2008 12:48

Thank you all for messages

Knowing that there are people out there who have had similar experiences and are feeling the same emotions helps somehow.

Belgo I think that I am going to do the same as I still have it here in a pot as couldnt face flushing it down the toilet. I saw an orchid yesterday before it happened and I havnt been able to get it out of my mind....I some how feel that the beanie wanted it to happen this way as I was on my way to hospital when it happened so Im going to go and buy it and bury my beanie in there.

Its such a rollar coster of emotions I feel like I have to be strong for my DD, but then I suddenly remember and cant stop crying
Normal reactions I suppose

Thanks again
1LP x

OP posts:
belgo · 21/04/2008 12:51

yes, all normal reactions and not only will you be very emotional but also your hormaones will be haywire for a little while - I often thought I was still pregnatn after my miscarriage. Or else I would feel numb, and then it would hit me again.

My first period after the miscarriage was also very hard to deal with.

MrsMattie · 21/04/2008 12:54

So sorry opt hear about this. I miscarried at about the same stage in my pregnancy last year. It was a very upsetting time. Try to get some time to rest and look after yourself, and don't set yourself any deadline for grieving. You may feel up and down for quite some time.

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