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ok honest answers, has anyone had a scan at 5 weeks and what did you see?

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mower · 04/04/2008 13:58


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worrybum · 04/04/2008 14:01

just the pregnancy sac with me at that stage apart from in one of my pregnancies a small fetal pole was detected. I think it depends on the sonographer and machine etc, plus how full/empty your bladder is and whether or not they do an iternal scan. Generally heartbeats are picked up a week or two later i think. Do you mind me asking why?

PrePG · 04/04/2008 14:14

I had an internal scan at 5w3d (based on LMP) just saw a sac, nothing else - but was told it was really too early. Went back two weeks later and saw a sac with embryo with heartbeat.

mower · 04/04/2008 14:18

You may have read my previous threads, but had a miscarraige in Jan this year where the sack kept growing but no baby. Am pregnant again, 6 weeks by missed period and had bleeding the same type as before a week ago. Had a scan on mon would be 5 weeks 3 days and all was there was a sack. Hcg levels are high and doubling but a cyst was discovered as well which could be making the hcg levels higher I am told. Going back on mon but not very hopeful as all seems to be like in jan.

OP posts:
worrybum · 04/04/2008 14:28

Mower, i can understand why you are worried but please try not to lose hope at this stage. I have had one successful pregnancy and 4 miscarriages but had symptoms of a threatened miscarriage with all of them. With dd I lost quite a lot of blood but heartbeat was detected at 7 weeks and she is now 8 years old! From my experiences and from what I have been told by the professionals at the EPU, you should only expect to see a sac at 5 weeks and the best way of telling whether the pregnancy is continuing at this stage is if your hcg levels double within a 48 hour period (which they have, i have just read you other thread) regardless of the initial level. HCG levels in pregnant women vary enormously from woman to woman, don't concentrate on the levels, just remember that they have doubled. Wishing you all the luck in the world and that your little beanie hangs on in there. Please keep us posted, MN is here for you, I know how anxious you must be

minster · 04/04/2008 19:50

Just a tiny gestational sac, at 6 weeks I saw a gestational sac & yolk sac & at 7 weeks fetal pole & heart beat.

cocolepew · 04/04/2008 19:54

At 5 weeks just a sac and a cyst was discovered. Went on to have dd after 3 mc.

mower · 08/04/2008 11:49

Am overjoyed, (but still keeping my fingers very tightly crossed). Saw a heartbeat yesterday. I feel like a great huge weight has been lifted off my shoulders. I know it is early days but I am so pleased there was actually something there. Not like last time going back for three scans in a row over a month and seeing a huge empty sac and feeling completly empty inside.

OP posts:
TrinityTheProgressingRhino · 08/04/2008 11:59

I wasscanned at 5 weeks and 4 days and there was just a sac
I was convinced that I was more like 11 weeks so I panicked and thought it must have stopped growing and i had lost it

BUT they told me to come back in exactly one week so 6 weeks and 4 days
ad there was a heartbeat
and now Gekco is 14 months old and walking

worrybum · 08/04/2008 12:42

Really really pleased for you mower . Sending lots of good vibes your way.

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