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Miscarriage/pregnancy loss

could i be m/c? no bleeding.

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MummyAnnabella · 29/03/2008 13:47

am 10 weeks today and have had loads of sickness etc so thought all okay. over easter i had a couple of spots of pink and a few days later a few spots of brown. some tummy pains but not massively painful.

havent felt as sick for last 2/3 days and wonder could i have lost baby? still a bit queasy - how long would this last if i had lost baby?

havent been to doc as no bleeding. have private early scan tues week - should i wait to then or go to doc or hosp before that?

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windygalestoday · 29/03/2008 13:59

im no expert but i think thered be lots of blood if you were .......when i had mine there certainly ws fingers crossed tht tues comes fst nd you feel 'sick' again x

MummyAnnabella · 29/03/2008 20:11

thanks windy - i thought you would know too but it seems you can have a missed m/c where no bleeding. happened twice to my friend. scan over a week away so may phone hosp on mon to see what they say.

OP posts:
windygalestoday · 29/03/2008 21:15

ohh annabella im sorry to hear do u feel at the minute?

MummyAnnabella · 30/03/2008 16:10

feeling quite well today which is worrying as last pg i was sick as a dog from week 6 to 16. seems strange for sickness to ease at 10 weeks. am calling hosp tom.

OP posts:
kaballie · 30/03/2008 17:07

I had the same at 10 weeks and DD is now 10 months old. Most likely everything is okay - I did loads of research whenthis happened to me (also on a weekend - why always a weekend!)and stats are def in your favour. Had a scan on the monday and all was fine. Lots of luck

MummyAnnabella · 31/03/2008 21:49

chickened out of calling hosp today as had a little puke last night and convinced myself all must be okay then. imagine being pleased to puke!!

still just cant shake off this "feeling" though and mentioned my fears to dh tonight. he said he's sure its all okay but if i want to go to hosp for a scan fine. think i may hold out to tom week when i had scan anyway.

kab - thanks for the encouragment - hope my story ends like yours!! 1% chance of a missed m/c according to my googling but in my last pg i seemed to get everything there was remote chances of!! am due an easier time!!

OP posts:
quarkee · 31/03/2008 21:55

call the GP tomorrow - there;s no point in worrying yourself - think how happy you'll be when they tell you everything is OK - good luck

catzy · 01/04/2008 13:12

Good luck MummyAnnabella.

I had really bad sickness in 2 pg's. 1 of them was on and off the other was all the time. Good sign that you've been sick again.

Have you had a dating scan yet? Is it possible that you are further on than you think? 12 weeks is the magic number for settling sickness. Having said that mine were 16 & 19 weeks.

Hoping you have happy pucking - only for your own peace of mind though.

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