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Found out something about my (late) nan last night and mc

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Julezboo · 28/03/2008 12:16

It has hit me like a tonne of bricks.

Through my whole pregnancy history 9 pregnancies, 2 live births. I have always been asked if there is any family history. As far as I knew there wasnt, I felt like the only abnormal one in the family, my brothers have had kids no problem, my mum and all my aunts did, it was just me.

I was speaking to my mum on the phone last night and since my recent Molar (op on monday) we are pretty much decided we are lucky enough to have our two boys one of us is gonna get done. My mum thought I already knew and thats why she thought i was determined to keep going.

She told me that my nan had 19 pregnancies but only 3 live births My poor nan, she passed away just before my DS1 was born. I dont feel so alone in it all now, even though shes not here anymore there is someone else in my family who has felt what i have. I just feel numb about it. Me and my nan had a bried conversation about my first mc when i was pregnant with DS but she never did mention she had been through it too.

OP posts:
PrePG · 28/03/2008 18:45

Julez, your poor nan! I hope it's comforting for you to know that you weren't alone, it's a shame that you didn't get a chance to talk with her about it. I'm learning all sorts of things I never knew about the female members of my family as I'm going through this too.

catzy · 28/03/2008 18:59

How awful for you. It's such a shame she is not here to talk to about it.

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