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Miscarriage/pregnancy loss

They want to do a ERPC :o(

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Julezboo · 18/03/2008 12:09

I am trying so hard to avoid it because of the risk of all teh scar tissue I have already, but we are running out of options.

Scan today showed sac was starting to break away and they took bloods to see what HCG levels are doing. Will get results at 3pm

Im jsut so fed up and now all teary at the thought of an operation

OP posts:
lissielouwithbunnyears · 18/03/2008 12:18

oh julez, im so sorry you are having to go through this again. its really not fair. surely if the sac is starting to come away then they can let you wait it out a bit longer?

duchesse · 18/03/2008 12:23

If the sac's starting to come away, and assuming no infection, isn't it likely to come out of its own accord soon? So sorry about your miscarriage.

Julezboo · 18/03/2008 12:34

i asked them and they just said "not really its been long enough" no infection there they checked. I have managed to put them off till next week if I have to have it so will give me the weekend to pass naturally. Ive got niggly cramps today so hopefully it will start soon x

OP posts:
catzy · 18/03/2008 12:38

I'm so sorry for you. Sending you a big hug. x

I'm sure they'll let you hang fire on an op if scan looks OK.

lissielouwithbunnyears · 18/03/2008 12:38

oh julez, i hope so! its so crap. can they not give you a metho injection to speed things up?

Julezboo · 18/03/2008 12:45

they didnt mention it lissie. What will that do? See its awkward cos DP has just started a new job, so m other option they mentioned a few weeks ago in medical management where i need to go back every other day till baby and everything else has gone

OP posts:
Julezboo · 18/03/2008 17:34

its partial molar they say now. I go in on the 31st for D&C just want it over with x

OP posts:
lissielouwithbunnyears · 19/03/2008 10:04

oh julez, im so sorry. this just isnt fair!

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