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dating scan today freaking out help!

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ObsidianBlackbirdMcNight · 17/03/2008 12:50

I have my dating scan today and it's sending me crazy. I'm freaking out, it's bringing all the feelings back from the last time (I expect to be told it's dead) plus I just found some light brown discharge in my underwear (not blood...but what?)
I'm panicking, waiting for hubby to pick me up from work

OP posts:
needahand · 17/03/2008 12:59

Deep breaths. Repeat after me "I will be fine" "Everything will be fine". "History does not usually repeat itself"

Better now?

ObsidianBlackbirdMcNight · 17/03/2008 13:00

It's not helping tho! (But at least I smiled)

OP posts:
MaryAnnSmotheredinchocolate · 17/03/2008 13:02

thinking of you xxx

ObsidianBlackbirdMcNight · 17/03/2008 13:05

Thanks both. Had a little cry and feel less panicky!

OP posts:
hertsnessex · 17/03/2008 13:06

i hope it goes wellxx

cadelaide · 17/03/2008 13:06

You'll be fine kat.

Thinking of you this afternoon.

needahand · 17/03/2008 13:08

At least you had a smile and a cry, so hopefully that will help get things out. Thinking of you and sending hugs. Try not to fret too much, it could be bad news, but then again it could be the best of news and the most marvellous day ever. One way or the other you will soon find out.

Best best best of luck and a million positive vibes sent your way.

helenhismadwife · 17/03/2008 13:11

good luck I hope everything goes ok

hertsnessex · 18/03/2008 09:31

how did it go?

needahand · 18/03/2008 13:31

Kat how did it go? Thinking of you

MaryAnnSmotheredinchocolate · 18/03/2008 13:33

yes, please tell - keep checking back here to see how you are

hertsnessex · 19/03/2008 09:57


are you ok??

cadelaide · 19/03/2008 10:02

It's a beautiful day here kat, and i thought of you.

MaryAnnSingleton · 01/04/2008 09:13

was wondering how you are Kat

missmama · 01/04/2008 09:30

It must have been OK, she is over on the due Sept threads

MaryAnnSingleton · 01/04/2008 10:02

oh, that';s good

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