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Early diagnosed mmc/blighted ovum

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suepoo851 · 21/11/2023 07:35

Hiya All

I had an early scan yesterday at 6+5 due to previous miscarriages. The sonographer was very abrupt scanned me i would say for literally less then 1 minute and has diagnosed me with a missed miscarriage as I have a gestational sac, yolk sac but no fetal pole or cardiac activity. Does this seem right? Im back there for another scan this coming monday she pushed to book me for a d&c but my heart said no way and to wait it out. Upon intensive googling i have found that blighted ovum/mmc should not be diagnosed until at least 8 weeks or when sac measures more then 25mm. As you can see by report neither of those are true! I have had no pain bleeding and still experiencing pregnancy symptoms as normal in my eyes everything was going smoothly just dont know what to think my head is all over the place i havent stopped crying since yesterday am so drained 😭xx

Early diagnosed mmc/blighted ovum
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HerbaceousPerennial · 21/11/2023 08:33

Hi @suepoo851 sorry you’ve had this bad news. I’m not a medical expert but can tell you my experience. When I had my MMC diagnosed the EPU told me that they needed to have two scans a week apart to diagnose. This was was despite the fact I should have been 12 weeks pregnant, my sac was at 9 weeks and there was no visible embryo. They were open that clearly things had gone wrong, but I think this is in the NICE guidelines. Second thing is that once I was diagnosed, they gave me three options: expectant management, medical, or surgical. Expectant is just waiting to see what happens. So if you don’t want to book a procedure, if you feel it’s not right, then discuss that with your medical team as I’d think they would support that unless there is a good reason not to in your case.

Can you call the unit to discuss things a bit more and ask some questions? It might help.

Lastly that’s quite a bit of medical info in your report - it might be worth removing the picture?

Hope you get some answers. It’s a really tough position to be in.

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