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Miscarriage/pregnancy loss

What is 'normal' for miscarriage

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Rainbufo · 20/11/2023 16:07

Hi all, I should be 11 weeks, I had some light spotting so went for a scan at 9 weeks and got bad news. There was only a gestational sac visible. The hospital couldn't call a miscarriage even though it was obvious to me and my partner but we didn't quite hit the markers they look for.

I was called for bloodtests every 48 hours for the week, my levels hadn't dropped so repeated these again.

On the weekend I started to bleed very heavily, it was definitely alarming and I sent my husband to get maternity pads as I couldn't keep up with the smaller pads. I set a timer and soaked through the maternity pad in 16 minutes. Felt this was worrying after 3 hours so went to hospital.

At the hospital the bleeding slowed right down and I was sent home after my blood pressure improved.

The pain today is very intense and nothing is helping and the bleeding is ramping up again.

I've had a mmc before but it was surgically managed so no experience of natural miscarriage. Does this sound normal? My bloodtests still haven't dropped so need to go back because the hospital still can't confirm miscarriage, which seems bizarre. I'm very confused.

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PinkRoses1245 · 20/11/2023 16:12

So sorry. I had a natural miscarriage with no prewarning (hadn't had any scans), it started and finished within about 3 hours, similar level of bleeding to what you describe. After I did have a scan to confirm, the bleeding slowed and no pain. If you are having pain I'd definitely contact the EPU.

Bigcat25 · 20/11/2023 16:15

I would consider this normal, but I'm not a professional. This is TMI but I would get a gush and soak more than a pad in a second. Would often get a cramp first as a warning before this happened. Lasted from morning till afternoon and then got much lighter, but I wasn't as far along as you. If you're concerned about too much blood loss you can go back to the ER. Sorry for your loss.

Rainbufo · 20/11/2023 16:39

Thank you both, it's reassuring to hear others think this sounds relatively normal. It's been confusing and really rough but hopefully the worst will be over soon. Im so sorry for both your losses too x

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