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Hair Loss

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Zelda31 · 17/11/2023 12:13

Hi All,

Apologies if not the right group for this post. I lost my son at 32 weeks in June and for the last 6 weeks or so I have been experiencing significant hair loss. I'm aware this could be due to post partum hormones or stress or possibly a bit of both. I have spoken with my doctor who has already referred me for blood tests. I just wondered if anyone else had experienced the same? If so was there anything you did that helped?


OP posts:
Laurabeee · 17/11/2023 13:43

I’m so sorry to hear about your loss. That is incredibly sad. I hope you have good support around you.

it sounds like telogen effluvium. Hair cycles line up during pregnancy and approximately 12 weeks after delivery many of the hairs enter the shedding phase. It can be dramatic but it’s not scarring and it will gradually improve. It might be helpful to look at Derm Net New Zealand website to get some more information. There isn’t much treatment but some people try minoxidil foam over the counter. It probably doesn’t make a huge difference though.

blood tests will likely all be okay but keeping up a decent iron level is important for healthy hair growth.

take care x

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