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Miscarriage/pregnancy loss

Tfmr at 13 weeks

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Lostmomma · 16/11/2023 01:26

Found out I was pregnant July 3 2023 when I went to get my IUD changed. Found out that my baby had attached it's self to iud and that iud was attached to uterine wall and my life and my baby's life was at risk due to internal bleeding. I told no one about any of this. July 10th I privatly and alone lost my baby. I feel guilt and am ashamed because I don't think I did enough to try and save her. I am constantly second guessing my choice. That I was selfish to choose my life over my babies or should i have just taken the risk for possibly her to survive with little chance that i would. Who would raise her the father didn't want her. I am 39 with 2 adult kids and 2 wonderful granddaughters the thought of taking myself out of their lives killed me. I have silently dealt with this.. I'm tired of pretending I am okay but I don't know how to tell anyone without feeling judgment. I need help... but I am scared

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Redsheeps · 16/11/2023 01:30

Don’t feel guilty or ashamed. None of this is your fault. Nothing could have been done to save the pregnancy. You’ll get through this, and there is no judgement

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