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Am I ovulating?

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Jadex92x · 15/11/2023 14:26

Hi , looking for some advice.

I recently found out on the 8th of this month when I was supposed to be 11+3 that my baby stopped growing at 7 weeks. I had to take tablets and started bleeding that night. Early hours of the 9th I passed the sac. I just finished bleeding yesterday and I've took an ovulation test and there's 2 lines. Took the picture within a minute of taking the test. First time ever doing an ovulation test, does this definitely mean I'm ovulating now? I was supposed to wait 3 weeks and take a pregnancy test but I done the test yesterday and it's still showing positive not sure if that affects the ovulation test or not.

Am I ovulating?
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Mamato29192 · 15/11/2023 14:27

If you're still testing positive you won't ovulate. So sorry for your loss x

TeaKitten · 15/11/2023 14:36

I think that’s negative. But you won’t ovulate with pregnancy hormones still in your system unfortunately. Sorry for your loss OP

PinkRoses1245 · 15/11/2023 14:36

Sorry for your loss. i had a loss at almost exactly the same number of weeks, no warning it was a natural loss. You won't be ovulating if you're still having positive pregnancy tests. I felt so compelled to TTC again but actually waited a few months and so glad we did. It's been good to have the time to grieve and regroup.

TeaKitten · 15/11/2023 14:37

To add with ovulation test, I think they always have 2 lines. The test line has to be darker than the control line for it to be positive though.

Jadex92x · 15/11/2023 14:54

Thanks for all your replies, I have just read the information leaflet, probably should have done that before taking the test!

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