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MMC. It has started. When will it finish?

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NinNinJin · 14/11/2023 20:25

I'm booked to go to hospital for surgical management on Thursday but I'm already bleeding and have had cramps for the whole day. I know it is all individual but how long did it take you to pass a sac? Did it start suddenly and intensely or take you hours/days?
Is there a chance it will take longer than 24h?
Oh and what painkillers did you take? It hurts.
The baby stopped growing at 9w.

OP posts:
Bugdem123 · 15/11/2023 21:38

Hi OP, I had the same happen to me between finding out about my MMC and being able to get the medication. I was spotting for 2 days, then started bleeding the day before I took the mifepristone. After that I bled heavily for about 36 hours and I passed my baby just an hour or so before I was due to go into hospital and take the misoprostol. I still had to go in for a scan to make sure everything had passed.

I was taking cocodamol for pain which I got by phoning my GP; could you do that? Otherwise, paracetamol and a hot water bottle also helped.

I hope you're doing okay today, make sure you phone the EPU if you're worried.

NinNinJin · 16/11/2023 00:18

@Bugdem123 thank you so much for sharing. I'm past it now.
It all happened really quickly. I had some bearable cramping throughout the day, then went to bed and woke up at 3am feeling it was coming and just made it on time to the bathroom. The baby and clots came out within seconds. I think I'm somewhat “lucky” if one can be in this situation.
Probably because I have been in labour twice and the body remembers.
Still need to organise the cremation but physically I'm fine.
Maybe smb will read it one day and find it reassuring. It can be quick and not too painful.

OP posts:
Safxxx · 16/11/2023 00:34

So sorry for your loss Hun ❤️ hope you're ok..I've had 3 miscarriages and all 3 times I had to have a D&C as I was unable to pass everything. So in a way it's good you got through it without intervention.

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