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Bleeding at nearly 9 weeks pregnant.

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Lolly521 · 14/11/2023 17:59

Sorry about the image. It also isn’t very clear but just to show colour and in the water is a big clot..

It started on Saturday evening. Initially it was lighter and more mucusy, it then got like a heavy period and clotty, this lasted over night, it’s now (4days later) like a very light period. I’ve been to the hospital, they couldn’t fit me in for a scan until Thursday. I’m guessing I’ve lost the baby, I’ve had a couple of losses before, but I haven’t had the contraction pains I had with my last miscarriage, although I was around 10 weeks last time. 
has anyone else had this experience? Trying to prepare myself mentally for the scan and manage my expectations.
thank you

Bleeding at nearly 9 weeks pregnant.
OP posts:
Cariadxx · 14/11/2023 21:10

I had a similar experience in march. Turns out the baby had died about 2 weeks earlier but had not miscarried until then. But I have colleagues who have bled throughout their pregnancies with no adverse effects so it's impossible to know. With hindsight in my case I had suspected something was wrong as my morning sickness had suddenly disappeared. Also this was my 4th Consecutive mc so hopes weren't high anyway.
I wish you better luck than me

Lolly521 · 14/11/2023 21:25

@Cariadxx thanks for your reply. I fear this is the case to be honest. Did you have any cramping or contractions? I’ve had period like cramps but nothing intense.

OP posts:
positivethoughts1 · 14/11/2023 21:28

@Lolly521 I'm sorry you're going through this, the wait for a scan feels like a lifetime. I had a blighted ovum miscarriage last year at 8 weeks. I had no pain, just bleeding. I hope you get good news on Thursday but you are definitely right to prepare for all scenarios xxx

Cariadxx · 14/11/2023 22:12

I can only recall having pain the first 3 mc, felt like i was being peeled from inside out. Horrible. Otherwise either period like cramping or nothing at all. Number 6 i had pretty bad cramping for me as usually my periods are pretty innocuous.

Lolly521 · 15/11/2023 06:29

@positivethoughts1 @Cariadxx thank you both so much for sharing your experiences. I really feel it’s gone, just trying to prepare myself x

OP posts:
CluelessInLondon · 15/11/2023 10:15

I'm sorry for what you're going through - I had similar with my miscarriage in September, started with bleeding (lighter than what's in your picture) but no pain/cramping. I had a scan at the EGU 3 days later and they confirmed it was a miscarriage. I'd had a scan a week before that where I saw the heartbeat so baby had died sometime during that week. I had a second confirmatory scan 9 days later and during that time the bleeding stopped so I ended up having surgical management.

It is possible to bleed in pregnancy and not miscarry so all isn't lost for you - I hope you get clarity either way at your scan. Take care.

Lolly521 · 15/11/2023 20:13

@CluelessInLondon thank you for taking the time to reply to this. I’m still lightly bleeding today so not looking good. I just can’t help but hold on to a little hope, however small. Will update after my scan x

OP posts:
Lolly521 · 16/11/2023 14:42

Unfortunately I did lose the baby. Thanks again for sharing your experiences x

OP posts:
CluelessInLondon · 16/11/2023 14:45

@Lolly521 I'm so sorry to hear this. I hope you are doing okay physically, and please do take it easy and look after yourself. Flowers You mentioned having had previous losses, so I hope you're able to get some additional help and investigations if it's what you want.

Lolly521 · 17/11/2023 08:21

@CluelessInLondon thank you for your message. Yes I’m doing better today than yesterday. Although it’s what I’d expected, I still hoped for a miracle. I’m going to look into next steps, thank you x

OP posts:
positivethoughts1 · 18/12/2023 12:13

Checking in @Lolly521, how are you? Xx

Lolly521 · 22/12/2023 02:31

@positivethoughts1 thanks so much for thinking of me. I’m ok thank you, have just had my first period post loss which always feels like a reset. Really kind of you to check in xx

OP posts:
positivethoughts1 · 26/01/2024 10:35

@Lolly521 no problem, I hope 2024 brings you good news ❤️

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