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2nd period after miscarriage late?

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Ccp7 · 12/11/2023 12:18


I had a miscarriage in September. I had a period exactly 30 days later (my cycle is normally 30 days) however my 2nd period is now 3 days late and no sign of coming. Any one else had this?
I also don’t think I ovulated over my usual cycle days (day 17 roughly) so I have no idea if I’m even going to get a period this month :(

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BudgetBuster · 12/11/2023 12:48

It took me 3 cycles after each miscarriage I've had for my cycle to regulate. Some months it was early, some months it was late.

Ccp7 · 12/11/2023 13:14

How late were you when you were?
a few days or more like 2 weeks?

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BudgetBuster · 12/11/2023 13:19

Each month was different. I had a very regular 29/29 day cycle but post miscarriage it could swing from 20 days to 40something days.

Ccp7 · 13/11/2023 07:53

Thanks! It came this morning 4 days late - but so happy it’s come!!

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