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Miscarriage/pregnancy loss

Can’t conceive after a miscarriage

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nellyrose89 · 12/11/2023 00:14

I had a miscarriage in April 2023, at just over 6 weeks. We had only been trying for 2 months and I was convinced it would take years, so I was over the moon. Everything I read afterwards reassured me it would be fairly easy to conceive again. But we haven’t been able to conceive since.

I did (regrettably) have a termination over 10 years ago when I was quite late in the pregnancy, so I know it was once possible for me to get to that point. My partner also has 2 children from a previous relationship.

I had tests recently - AMH and a pelvic ultrasound scan - and everything came back normal. They suggested I do a hycosy now to check there’s no issue in my fallopian tubes but I don’t know what to do. It’s so expensive. And would I have conceived in April if there was an issue there?

My partner is reluctant to do tests right now (long story). So there could be something ‘his side’ but I don’t know. It’s such a minefield and I feel desperate to conceive.

OP posts:
fuckingheartbroken · 13/11/2023 09:48

If you feel desperate to conceive OP and so does he, do the tests.
It worked out worth it our end to do them.

Good luck I know how hard it is.

Cloclo93 · 16/11/2023 12:43

There's no harm in doing the tests, I had the hycosy last Thursday (2 years ttc) wasn't painful really couldn't understand why some women said they nearly fainted with the pain! But don't be so hard on yourself technically your only trying 6 months since the miscarriage average time it takes to conceive is 1 year

Oxalis00 · 16/11/2023 20:31

It’s interesting to read your story OP as it’s similar to mine, and I find myself wanting to say to you why others say to me - even though I REALLY don’t want to hear it! (I also had MMC in April this year, though the management was complicated. I’m TTC again now with no luck yet. I’m 38 now.)

What I feel is I’ve basically lost a year to the first trimester plus MC and I just want to get pregnant again to redeem that, and why hasn’t it happened yet and what’s wrong with me? There’s a fair bit of fear for me around my body/health as a result of the MMC. What I want to say to you, reading your story though, is it hasn’t been that long and your body may still be recovering, and no doubt your mind is too.

It’s a funny time. You’ll figure out your way through it. Sending solidarity 💐

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