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Miscarriage/pregnancy loss

Is this miscarriage or something else?

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worriedconfused · 11/11/2023 13:54

Id really appreciate some advice..

Period was late by 5 days and then I had a bright red light bleed.
Faint positive test that I wasn’t really 100% was positive.
It eased off to nothing over the next 48 hours.
I then started what I’d describe as a light period.
I did a digital test which was positive.
The light period has increased in flow over the last 4 days to something more akin to my normal period bleeding.
Quite intense period pain type feeling and a ’heaviness’ in my tummy at the start which is ‘normal’ for my period
Since the light period started I have passed some small clots as well as clear mucus over the last 4 days.
The period type pain eased and was pretty much gone this morning but has returned as the flow has increased as today has progressed.

Im fairly sure this is a miscarriage and is unlikely to need any medical intervention, but wanted to seek some advice on next steps.

Should i retest once the bleeding stops to confirm that I’m no longer pregnant?

im comfortable managing the bleeding and cramping myself at home, but do I need to seek medical advice or confirmation of the pregnancy loss?

thank you in advance!

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Patchworksack · 11/11/2023 14:13

Sorry you are going through this. Yes it would be a good idea to retest - if it remains positive you need to be scanned in EPAU to make sure nothing is retained (or it’s not an ectopic pregnancy). It’s worth letting your GP know to add to your records just in case you are one of us poor unfortunates that have repeated losses. The vast majority of people will go in to have a successful pregnancy next time. Take it gently, it can be a horrible experience both physically and emotionally.

Cariadxx · 12/11/2023 13:11

Usually they let you go for 2 weeks and then if still testing positive need to go to epau

worriedconfused · 12/11/2023 17:56

Thank you both for your replies.

The heavier period bleeding has continued and more clots and tissue have passed so I’m fairly confident it’s a miscarriage or chemical pregnancy.

I’d be 5/6 weeks pregnant, so suspect that it stopped developing and a scan would be useless.

I’ll retest next week and see where that leaves me.

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