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Confused if I had a miscarriage

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DaisySydney · 10/11/2023 11:07

Last month I TTC for the first time with my partner and a few days before my period was due, I started getting sore boobs - a symptom I’d never had before. This continued so I took a clear blue test 4 days before my missed period. It was negative but then half an hour later I’d seen it in the bin with two blue lines. So I did another two tests and the same happened - negative at first but then second lines appeared. I had heard about clear blue doing this after the timeframe so didn’t take it as a positive just yet.

Two days before my period was due I started getting really bad cramping at lunch time and then it wasn’t until 3am (more than half a day later) that I had blood which is unusual for me as I usually get period blood within an hour. I also usually have a 28D cycle, not 26. There was also a bit of watery discharge which I’d never usually get. So I made the assumption I had a miscarriage due to all of the symptoms I’d experienced.

Fast forward to this month and the sore boobs appeared again but this time over a week before period was due! I waited until two days before period to take a test and it was negative in the timeframe but yet again provided the second blue line. I used clear blue as an experiment to compare whether it happened again and it did. However, this time my period arrived bang on day 28.

So I am confused, did I have a miscarriage in the first month or are all my symptoms a massive coincidence?! It could be that I was pregnant but then my hormones are still balancing out from the miscarriage and caused sore boobs again this time round.

I know it doesn’t change anything but for peace of mind it helps to know what other people have experienced.

OP posts:
Mangotango39 · 10/11/2023 11:53

Sorry it would but super hard to know. You technically did not get a positive test.

sre you taking any new supplements to support ttc that could of affected hormones and your cycle?

DaisySydney · 11/11/2023 01:47

Thank you for your reply! Yes I started taking prenatal vitamins but only within the second month, so that wouldn’t be the cause for the change in symptoms for the first month where I possibly had a really early miscarriage.

OP posts:
Mangotango39 · 12/11/2023 09:38

@DaisySydney hmmm tough one! Are you feeling quite stressed about Ttc? Our mind does some weird things !

unfortunately it's just going to be impossible to know . I have not experienced chemical pregnancy before but possibly could have been x

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