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Miscarriage/pregnancy loss


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missericasilva · 10/11/2023 07:14

Good morning, everyone.
I have a dilemma, I was pregnant up to 5 weeks. Had a chemical pregnancy I believe .
Bled clots and heavy heavy blood.

The next month, period came as normal. Bled heavy and clots.

Now this month, I'm around 5 days late . I haven't had any sexual activities.

Is this related to the miscarriage.???

I've booked a appointment with the GP

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SylvieLaufeydottir · 10/11/2023 07:16

If there's no chance you're pregnant, it's most likely just normal variation in your cycle. It's normal to have the occasional anovulatory cycle. Your GP won't be interested. The threshold for further investigation is normally when you've missed three periods.

1smallhamsterfoot · 10/11/2023 07:17

If you haven’t had sex and can’t be pregnant it’s just a dodgy cycle. Literally a waste of gps time.

Hiddenvoice · 10/11/2023 07:18

I’m sorry for your loss. It’s probably just an irregular cycle if there’s no chance of you being pregnant.
You could always check in with the gp but they will probably ask to see how you get on next cycle.

missericasilva · 10/11/2023 07:19

Thank you all! That's what I thought! I'm just going to cancel it and wait it out.

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