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Miscarriage/pregnancy loss

Just don’t know how to feel

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Ladybar · 09/11/2023 19:15

As above really. Had my BFP back in October and felt over the moon, symptoms kicked in, test line got stronger and everything looked as though it was going the right way. Sunday just gone was laying on the bed and started to get pain on my left ovary side that felt like mild contractions, followed by bleeding, not a lot of bleeding mind you, bleeding stopped today but it’s just been a light pink colour and haven’t seen any clots.

Got referred to EPU yesterday approx 7 weeks (not entirely sure) where they did an US and couldn’t find anything on the scan no sac nothing and thin lining in the uterus, they did BETA and confirmed that my HCG levels were low, so confirmed it was an early miscarriage/failed pregnancy and to take another pregnancy test in 2 weeks to check it goes back to negative.

I am heartbroken and confused, apart from the pains, I thought I would have bled more but in total I’ve bled for 4 days and haven’t passed anything as such just a lot of blood tinged mucus. I don’t know how to process it all ti be honest and I feel silly being so early on but feel like I’m grieving?. DH is being supportive but my mum out of everyone is probably being the least supportive and basically telling me to get a grip?. I can’t comprehend how one minute me and DH are over the moon and expecting to having that literally ripped away from us, it’s horrible.

sorry to rant but just wanted to write my confusion and frustration on here and wishing you all the very best ❤️❤️❤️

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Laurabeee · 09/11/2023 19:35

So sorry to hear this. A loss is a loss. Grief is personal and you don’t need to get a grip! It is really sad. Hope you get good news soon x

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