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Miscarriage/pregnancy loss

No fetal pole at 6 weeks

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VioletCookie · 06/11/2023 07:55

Hi All,

We've been going through IVF which has sadly resulted in 3 miscarriages over the past year. We're now pregnant for thr 4th time, but on Saturday (exactly 6 weeks) I had watery bright red blood gush out of me then continued to bleed for about 6 hours afterwards, along with dark brown flecks of tissue coming out (the heavier brown tissue lasted about 36 hours but I still have a small amount when wiping)

We visited the EPU and they said the gestational sac and yolk sac were there and measuring 6 weeks, but they couldn't find the fetal pole. They said it might be hiding behind the yolk sac but I'm so worried this is another miscarriage. The embryo was PGT-A tested so I didn't think a blighted ovum could occur, as there's no chromosome abnormalities. I have no symptoms aside from feeling tired, which is probably the anxiety of IVF more than anything! I'm taking progesterone, oestrogen and inhixa. I was taking steroids for NK cells but was advised to stop taking these from day of BFP. EPU said they couldn't see any blood around the sac.

I'm absolutely terrified 😔 has anyone experienced something similar?

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fleur89 · 15/11/2023 15:49

Sorry to hear this, I hope things turn out well for you,

I'm with Dr Shehata and his protocol for high nk cells is to stay on prednisone until 12-14 weeks x

VioletCookie · 15/11/2023 19:16

Hi @fleur89 thanks for taking the time to msg. We heard/saw a heartbeat last Thursday and we measured to the correct day, however sadly we had another bleed/scan yesterday and the heartbeat was gone. I will ask Create about the NK cells and Prednisolone on my follow up call Friday, as I was really worried about ending it too early. I've been kicking myself wondering if we had continued the meds against their advice, would everything be OK?

I wish you all the best for your journey, I hope everything works out well for you x

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