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First period after miscarriage when will I ovulate

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AmyL83 · 03/11/2023 09:57

Hi I had a miscarriage at 10 weeks , 4 weeks ago Tuesday. My period came back 2 weeks later very heavily with huge clots . It lasted 2 weeks. My normal periods usually last about 3/4 days. We're going to try again as soon as possible but with this period being so long I have no idea when ovulation will take place or if it will seeing as the cycle has been such a long one. I have ovulation tests and taken one today 2 days after my period ended seeing as in a normal cycle this would be around the time. It has 2 lines but I'm not sure it's a positive as the line is slightly fainter. When did anyone else ovulate after a long cycle and did anyone have a successful conception from it as I've read that long cycles can produce poor quality eggs.

First period after miscarriage when will I ovulate
OP posts:
Bellabells20 · 13/11/2023 08:28

Hey I also miscarried at 9w 1d! 4 weeks later and still getting positive tests and no period. I would definitely say it looks like you are ovulating with that test, it looks very dark! How are you getting on now?

AmyL83 · 14/11/2023 10:39

Hi. So sorry to hear that. After 6 successful pregnancies with healthy babies I never realised what women who miscarry go through. Took it for granted I suppose that everything would be fine. My tests were positive only returned to 1.1 hcg levels after almost 4 weeks. I've had some strong ovulation lines some not so strong lines since my post so really I'm non the wiser. Never tracked ovulation or actively tried to conceive before this. My period is due today so we will see what happens. I think I'm not going to stress too much on it or try not to. I'm lucky enough to have my children that I do so whatever happens now happens. I really hope you're feeling OK xx

OP posts:
Bellabells20 · 14/11/2023 14:15

Ah that’s awful it happened to you after 6 healthy children. It really is such a confusing thing to happen.

I hope you get your little rainbow. X

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