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Miscarraige or not ? - was only bleeding for 36 hours!

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carrieboo75 · 10/03/2008 10:15

Should be six weeks today. Started light bleeding on Sat morning and this stop started until the evening when I had about 4 hours of heavy period like bleeding and 2 clots slid into the toilet and few hours apart. Then next morning the bleeding was like a normal period and by the evening had pretty much stopped. I now just have a pick staining when I wipe. I did not really have any pain just very slight cramping and I still have that now even though the bleeding has stopped. My boobs do not hurt anymore and I do not feel sick any more, but there is still a strange feeling in my tummy.

I just assumed I was losing it and I would bleed for a while, but am shocked that the bleeding has stopped so quickly. I have a scan tommorrow but would like to be forewarned.

Was that a miscarraige? Has it finnished? Could it not of cleared properly? Could there still be a baby? etc. anyone any ideas?

I know I should wait untill tomorrow, but I can not think of anything else and need to know should I have hope or should I be worried that I have not cleared properly.

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Springflower · 10/03/2008 10:53

Hi, sorry to hear about this. I think it could go either way and only the scan will tell you for sure. I have had 4 miscarriages but my most recent was like that - bleeding over a short period becoming much heavier and then easing off. Sometimes it can start up again later. I have never really had any pain either. Losing symptoms is not a good sign either.

But to be more positive, I know some people have had heavy bleeding and still gone on to have a successful pregnancy so there is still hope. Good luck tomorrow and I do really hope it turns out well for you.

carrieboo75 · 10/03/2008 11:13

Just done a pg test and deffinately ngtv. So I guess thats that. Just need to check it all gone now!

OP posts:
jellies · 10/03/2008 11:22

I'm so sorry, (((HUGS)))

Springflower · 10/03/2008 19:48

Sorry to hear that - it is a terrible thing to have to experience. Be good to yourself.

Springflower · 11/03/2008 20:30

Hi, Just wondered how you got on today?

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