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Miscarriage/pregnancy loss

Possible miscarriage. Your experiences please?

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littlelizzard · 21/09/2023 14:34

Going off my last period I am 7 weeks, started with brown discharge which turned to pinky red with small clots. Then started having blood but only when wiping. Have had some pain on and off, more of a dull ache then cramps. Can't measure how much blood I am losing because my pads are essentially clean! Have a scan tomorrow at EPU but am going absolutely crazy with not knowing what's going on. I am back and forth between whether I am miscarrying or not and there's so much conflicting info online. I know no one can tell me if I am miscarrying but I wondered if anyone would share their experiences of bleeding at 7 weeks, good or bad.

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CluelessInLondon · 21/09/2023 15:08

Hi, sorry to hear you are going through this - the anxiety of not knowing is really horrible. My experience of similar hasn't been a good one (started with light bleeding at just under 9 weeks, had a scan 3 days later and found I was miscarrying), but it really could go either way for you as lots of people have bleeding in the first trimester and go on to have healthy pregnancies. Good luck for your scan tomorrow, I hope you get a positive outcome.

littlelizzard · 21/09/2023 15:11

@CluelessInLondon thank you so much, I'm so sorry to hear it wasn't a good outcome for you. The limbo really is the worst, I think we have an idea of miscarriage being this big event with lots of pain and bleeding which is why I'm struggling to accept it. Like you say some women do have healthy pregnancies after bleeding but I don't want to get my hopes up. Trying to be realistic and mentally prepare myself

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littlelizzard · 22/09/2023 06:59

unfortunately the pain and bleeding has ramped up for me, and I've lost any hope I had. So now just going to the scan today to confirm what I already know and with the hope I don't need any intervention

OP posts:
CluelessInLondon · 22/09/2023 16:48

@littlelizzard How did your scan go? Sorry to hear that you were feeling things getting worse. I hope you've at least been able to get some clarity on what's happening.

littlelizzard · 22/09/2023 19:41

@CluelessInLondon unfortunately yes I've miscarried. I knew anyway, but now we can start the healing process. Thanks for checking in x

OP posts:
CluelessInLondon · 22/09/2023 20:41

@littlelizzard So sorry to hear that, take care of yourself and I hope you have lots of support around you xx Flowers

Dkann · 22/09/2023 21:06

@littlelizzard big hugs.

It's the worst thing in the world, talking from experience twice. Still don't think I have processed it all years later.

Take care of yourself and take the time you need to heal emotionally x

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