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Miscarriage/pregnancy loss

Horrible wait to confirm blighted ovum

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cirillaofcintra · 21/09/2023 10:43

Hi all,

Not sure what I'm looking for here, just had to get it out.

I had a scan at 6+2 on Monday after having had spotting and light bleeding for a week while on holiday. They saw a gest sac 16.4mm and a yolk sac, but no fetal pole. The sonographer said it could be that my dates are wrong (they 100% aren't, in fact I was probably more like 6+3) or baby isn't going to develop and it will be a miscarriage - blighted ovum. From researching, I can see that a fetal pole really should be there by 6+ weeks.

What's worse is I already had a missed miscarriage earlier this year at 8 weeks - baby was there but hadn't made it past 5+6.

They've put me on progesterone now for two weeks until my repeat scan on 2/10 but I know it's hopeless. I don't understand why I've had two in a row. I did get a private progesterone blood test at 12dpo with this pregnancy, as I was anxious after previous MC, and it came back slightly low - 31nmol/L so around 9.7ng/mL - but I know there's debate around whether low progesterone is a cause or just an effect of MC.

I have one DD who I carried without any problems at all in 2021.

Just feeling so low really and angry at having lost almost a whole year to MCs (started trying in March, will probably be Oct/Nov by the time this one is sorted out). How do you carry on with life and move forward? I can't concentrate on work or hobbies. I feel dread at the thought of trying again but at the same time yearn for another little one and a sibling for my DD.

The nurse at the EPU said they won't refer me for any tests or anything unless/until I have 3 MC in a row. And I asked if I could get progesterone from BFP next time, and she said no. :( They will only give it if I have bleeding and a confirmed pregnancy on scan, which wouldn't be until 6 weeks, by which time (from past experience) it might be too late. Has anyone had success getting it through other means?

OP posts:
H20202 · 23/09/2023 15:06

I’m sorry for what you’re going though and that it’s potentially your second loss of the year.
I don’t have the same experience but I’m nearly 37 and after having methotrexate for an ectopic in august (can’t TTC for 3 months, and spent 6 weeks dealing with it before that in the hopsital).
I’m also feeling the frustration with how long things take to resolve enabling you to try again. I was also told I could have progesterone next time but no idea how to go about it.

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