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Recurrent miscarriages - there is hope

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Rutak · 21/09/2023 09:19

Hello all!

Let me start by saying that I have had 3 early losses (all around or before 6 weeks) in the space of 9 months. It was very easy for me to get pregnant but not to keep it. I used to come here a lot to read other stories. I promised to myself that if one day, if it will workout to me I will come back and post.

I was there. I lost the hope, especially after the 3rd miscarriage , which was suspected to be ectopic (never confirmed). My husband and I were lucky enough to have private insurance through work, so did all the testing through that. After each test it was confirmed that there was nothing wrong with either of us, which not sure helped me at the time, as I just wanted to find the cause and FIX IT.


I was prescribed progesterone to take from the 18DPO (not from the positive pregnancy test), which I followed. I remember I was sitting at the consultant room and asked him " is there anything else you can check". As the last thig he has offered me a an small procedure to check my womb, which never happened at the end since I felt pregnant just before.

I honestly thought this will be another miscarriage. I was almost sure. I was living scan to scan (every few weeks or so in the first trimester). I did countless amount of tests to see line progression (despite reading that it is useless and just stressing you out).

But here I am now, almost 29 weeks, with a very active boy inside me. I know I still have a way to go, but I was the one who has lost hope to every reach this point.

The reason for recurrent miscarriages was never found. But I was on progesterone pessaries twice daily until 15th week, daily aspirin (75mg, and still taking it) and extra prescribed folic acid. I do not know if any of these did a trick, but all I can say - it was worth giving it ago.

Ladies, you ARE NOT ALONE. You are not alone even if you had many miscarriages. It sucks big times, I know. But I just hope that my post will give someone here that much needed HOPE.



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xxcxdonxx · 29/09/2023 17:15

@Rutak thank you for taking the time to post, I’ve really needed to see this today. Similar to yourself, I am currently going through my third early loss since the end of last year.
I’ve really struggled to understand why as I’ve had two successful pregnancies in the past 5 years.
I’ve often wondered myself if progesterone could help as I spot before periods and in early pregnancy and is something I am going to checked.

Huge congratulations on your little boy and wishing you lots of love for the rest of your pregnancy 🥰

Rutak · 29/09/2023 19:56

Sorry I meant 18th day of the cycle (just past ovolucation) NOT 18DPO. I have also taken 75mg aspirin precribed folic acid.

I would say (in my non medical oppinion) there is no down side starting progesterone eaelier, as long as there is a possibility to have early scans to make sure pregancy is progressing. I did mine from 5 weeks due to suspected ectopic in my last misscarriage.

Best of luck, rainbow baby will come ❤️

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