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Bad pain nearly 2 weeks after surgical management

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Khanga27 · 20/09/2023 19:39

Hi there

I had surgical management for an incomplete miscarriage 12 days ago (after the medical management the day before didn't work). The bleeding stopped after 5 days so it's been at least a week since any bleeding and I had thought the pain stopped.

However today from about lunchtime I've had quite bad on/off pain in the area in front of my vagina (I think pelvis?). I'm not sure whether this is something others have experienced?

I've been advised by the ward I was on to go to a&e which I will do, but i am so scared of what this could be, as its been one thing after another with this miscarriage.

(I actually tested negative yesterday and also today which suggests that its not retained tissue).

OP posts:
Khanga27 · 20/09/2023 20:00

Sorry, just to add - I'm not actually sure about going to A&E, just as I don't have anything else, and the lady I spoke to from the ward said that she was advising a&e because there were no gynae doctors or nurses readily available to ask. I really don't want to waste anyone's time in a&e when there will be people far worse off than me, so I'm thinking get a first thing gp appointments tomorrow morning?

I just wondered whether this could be maybe ovulation pain and whether that tends to be worse the first time after a miscarriage?

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Bali200 · 21/09/2023 14:03

Hi @Khanga27 I’m sorry to hear what you’re going through. I had SMM on the 14th august but under local anaesthetic. On around days 10-14 following this I experienced a strange uncomfortable pain feeling around that area, it felt more obvious when having a wee. I don’t know what it was and it’s difficult to describe but it went away on its own, so hopefully yours does too. Mine wasn’t ovulation pain as I didn’t ovulate until 21 days after the MVA according to my bbt. Wishing you all the best 💗

hellohelp · 21/09/2023 16:37

I would try and get a gp app in case you have an infection

hellohelp · 21/09/2023 16:37

Sorry @Khanga27 just saw you wrote this yesterday, I hope you are feeling ok and spoke to the dr?

Khanga27 · 21/09/2023 17:08

Hi thanks all. Got an appointment with the GP who took a urine sample and swabs. Suspected thrush so something prescribed for that, said potentially pain could have been my cysts that were noted on ovaries when I had scan before surgical management (had 2 on one and 1 on the other but they weren't concerned at the time due to cysts being typical to come and go with hormone fluctuations). He said unlikely to be infection because if it was that then the swabs would have been painful and had no temperature etc

Has been better today. They said if it gets worse then to go to a&e

OP posts:
Bleepbloopbluurp · 21/09/2023 17:20

I had quite severe pain over a week after one of my ERPCs. I think I'd just overdone things when my poor uterus needed to heal. The cure was a day off work and to lie down a lot. Hope you feel better soon.

Blue2020 · 23/09/2023 23:03

I had pain that started about 10-12 days after the erpc but mine was maybe(?) linked to my bowel and needing to poo. Maybe it was a delayed reaction to the GA. The pain was horrible, it lasted for about a day or so on and off. Then it just went and I was fine after that.

Hope yours goes soon.

Neverendingx · 20/10/2023 20:38

Op did your pain go or did you end up in a&e @Khanga27 x

Khanga27 · 20/10/2023 20:54

Pain went away. They did a scan to check everything was clear a week later and they suspect the pain was actually my cysts clearing as they were gone in the scan. Thanks for checking in x

OP posts:
Neverendingx · 20/10/2023 21:50

Glad go hear your feeling better, im just over 3 weeks post surgical and still in a lot of pain hopeing my just disappears but im not hopeful waiting for a scan appointment its to one side sharp pain areas very warm to touch also pains down that sided leg im just giving up all hope at the minute theres only so much pain relief i can take im just sick of popping pills like tictacs 😢 x

Khanga27 · 20/10/2023 21:52

Have you contacted your EPAU? They may want to.potentially rule out an infection (my GP appointment swabbed me to check for infection in case that was causing the pain).

OP posts:
Neverendingx · 20/10/2023 21:55

Yes i was there last week said everything internal looked fine no signs of infection gave me more pills and sent me on my way but i rang back again yesterday and so now awaiting scan appointment also had swabs & bloods at gp everything was ok x

Khanga27 · 07/11/2023 23:27

@Neverendingx I hope things are better for you pain wise? I had my second period and had a bit of unusual pain with that on-off which concerned me, so saw my GP who has referred me for a scan. She said should be within the month fingers crossed.

OP posts:
Neverendingx · 08/11/2023 20:37

Still in pain and my scans keep getting rejected everytime im referred the scan people reject saying not enough evidence i dont no what to to do now the pains is jus the normal life for me now had no period jus a bleed with the contaceptive pill which was very painful x

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