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Taking aspirin - did you bleed?

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Bay9 · 19/09/2023 09:05


I’ve recently had 1 suspected ectopic and an early miscarriage. I have been in contact with my GP and they have put through a referral to the gynaecologist and I also have an appointment booked at Tommys Coventry but that isn’t until January. In the mean time I feel like I have to do something. Both months we have TTC we were able to get pregnant but unfortunately both resulted in loss at 4-6 weeks. After doing research I have decided to start taking low aspirin. I started taking 150mg 2DPO but I started bleeding the same day. I have since lowered the dose to 75mg and the bleeding seems to have slowed down somewhat. I’m unsure if the bleeding is linked to the aspirin or I would have been bleeding regardless. I do usually spot during the TWW but it seemed heavier than usual.
Has anyone else experienced this?
And is it still possible to implant even with bleeding?

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